New Year, New Commercial Real Estate Goals

New Year, New Commercial Real Estate Goals

New Commercial Real Estate Goals

The new year brings new possibilities for your commercial real estate business. It’s around this time of the year that many of us will sit down and make a strategy for the year. Hit the ground running this year by having the following systems set up for your CRE business.

Make Your Website A Priority

If you don’t have your own commercial real estate website and blog, you’re missing out on an essential part of your marketing strategy. Having your own website provides you with the opportunity to share what you want to share about your company. Tell the world about the services you offer, your background and expertise, your available listings, as well as awards, press, and testimonials. Your website and blog give you valuable SEO (search engine optimization) benefits that help potential clients to discover your business.

Create A Marketing Plan

Love it or hate it, marketing is an essential part of your business. If you work for a brokerage firm, they may handle marketing the company as a whole, but you still need to market yourself and your properties effectively. Your overall marketing strategy should be targeted toward your current and prospective clients, as well as buyers and sellers (or landlords and lessees) for your properties. Potential marketing mediums include your website, social media pages, email newsletter, blogging, guest blogging on other related sites, press releases, print ads, web banner ads, property listing websites, as well as in-person networking. You don’t have to do all of these things, but I suggest making a list of the top areas that you will consistently focus on this year.

Be Active On Social Media

Social media is meant to be social, so don’t just drop a post and run. Set aside a few minutes each day to engage with your followers by commenting, liking, and sharing their posts as well as respond to any comments that people make on your posts. What you post on your social media pages should be relevant to your audience and provide them with value. While the majority of what you post on social media should be about your commercial real estate business, don’t be afraid to let your followers get to know you a bit. Show your personality, post some behind the scenes footage, and share what it’s like to work with you.

Use Your CRM

We all know that having a CRM software is necessary for every commercial real estate broker, but using your CRM is more important than simply having one. To start the year off right, set aside time to set up your CRM to your desired preferences, and make sure that all of your contacts, deals, and properties are up to date. If you’re a ClientLook subscriber, you have access to our team of dedicated back-office assistants – and this is their specialty! Whether you leverage our time-saving team, or handle everything yourself, keeping your CRM up to date will help you stay organized and boost your productivity this year.

In addition to the items above, I urge you to write down your goals for the year. How many new clients do you hope you get? How many property listings are you aiming for? What is your revenue goal? “If you don’t know what you’re aiming for, you’ll miss it every time.” Be clear about your goals for the year and make a game-plan to achieve them by checking your progress on a monthly and quarterly basis.

If you’re not a current ClientLook CRM subscriber, schedule a demo today to see how our commercial real estate software can help you make 2021 your best year yet.

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