New Commercial Real Estate CRM Features

New Commercial Real Estate CRM Features

ClientLook commercial real estate CRM founder, Michael Griffin, hosted a live webinar on April 9, 2020 to give viewers a first-hand look at our first big upgrade of the year. The upgrade rolled out a big improvement to our Mailchimp integration along with enhanced email marketing capabilities.

Plus, Michael discussed exciting new details about our future at LightBox, and rolled out the details of our new Product Council. We’re looking for people like you to help us shape the direction of ClientLook. Learn how you can get involved.

Key webinar notes:

0:05 – Introduction and Agenda: “Thank you for joining us for this very special presentation. This is our very first webinar as a LightBox company since our acquisition a few months ago. Hopefully I can provide some inspiration by telling you about the future we’re trying to create here at ClientLook. Let me lay out our agenda, since it’s different than any other ClientLook webinar you may have attended in the past. There are three main topics: first, I’m going to present the key features of last week’s ClientLook upgrade which is all about email marketing; next I am going to talk to you about where ClientLook is headed; and finally I want to tell you about a special Product Council that we’re creating and describe how you can get involved.”

2:26 – ClientLook Upgrade: “Last week we deployed a big upgrade to ClientLook, and this one was a long-time coming. Besides a huge list of bug fixes and operational tweaks, we completely rewrote our Mailchimp integration. In my demo today I’m going to show how this integration works, since it’s pretty ground-breaking stuff.”

3:00 – Email Marketing Is Broken: “I believe that traditional email marketing is broken. You spend lot of time building your prospects lists, which you keep in ClientLook. You also use Mailchimp to handle your email communication. Mailchimp is great, however it’s a separate outside application and that seperation causes problems. We’ve become an industry of reactive sales people when it comes to email marketing, instead of proactive sales people. Let me show you how ClientLook solves these problems.”

4:36 – New Mailchimp Integration: “Imagine that you never have to worry about manually transferring ClientLook contacts to Mailchimp – they just sync automatically. There’s nothing easier. How does ClientLook do this? It’s all based on groups! Groups are our super-simple method of seperating your big lists into smaller lists. Your email marketing can be so much more effective – that’s the way our new integration works. It allows you to use ClientLook the same way you do everyday – no changes. But now, it seamlessly transfers your contacts and groups to Mailchimp in real-time automatically.”

5:40 – Quick Start Mailchimp Set Up: “I’m not going to get into too much detail here; I just want to point you in the right direction. Check out this blog post we published last week that contains everything you need to know about the new features.”

8:46 – Viewing Activity: “The big payoff is how all that marketing activity is represented back in ClientLook. Pull up the marketing module and see every one of your email campaigns. In an instant you can see how successful they were. If you click one, you’ll gain some amazing insight. ClientLook distills vital email statistics into a broker-friendly dashboard to help you quickly identity opportunities. You can see when this campaign was sent, how many people received it, and how many bounced or unsubscribed. Scroll down to see an overview of the opens, the clicks – everything is easily accessible and updated in real-time. Click the Related tab to see all of the people who received your email. Click any name to open that contacts record in ClientLook. ClientLook provides you with valuable intelligence you didn’t have before. It’s the kind of intelligence that makes every call more effective and helps you win business.”

11:32 – Mailchimp Integration Summary: “You’ll use ClientLook just like you always do to manage contacts in groups, and you’ll pick the groups that get synced to Mailchimp. You or your marketing team will send marketing campaigns directly from Mailchimp, but now those campaigns can be targeted to your synced groups in ClientLook using tags. All the ongoing intelligence that is generated by those campaigns gets sent back automatically. You set this up once and it’s done! You can identify prospects better and accelerate deal-making.”

12:40 – ClientLook’s Future: “Let’s talk about what’s coming next for ClientLook. I always try to be as transparent as possible about our plans, so our subscribers can make the best business decisions. We’re getting a whole lot more ambitious. First, we’re adding people. Next, we’ve decided to freeze new features for the current ClientLook platform. This is a necessary step to allow us to move more rapidly to our next phase. The next phase is a complete and total rebuild of ClientLook from the ground up. It’s going to be better, and it’s going to be faster with dramatically more capabilities. We’re thinking much bigger now.”

13:58 – Product Council: “LightBox has managed to assemble a brand of products and resources that’s never been done before – and I guarantee you that no one else will do this again. You have the opportunity to be a part of our future efforts through our Product Council. The Product Council will be made up of tech-minded commercial real estate professionals who want to help shape the direction of our product. Today we’re posting an application form to allow anyone to apply.”

16:53 – Next Steps: “So what should you do next? Go and apply for the Product Council by clicking here. If you’re not onboard with ClientLook yet, send an email to to request a demo. Our team is great at helping you understand how our solution can fit your specific needs. Finally, connect your account to Mailchimp and try out all the great features I showed you. Thank you for joining us today to learn more about ClientLook, our upgrade, our roadmap, and how you can get involved with our Product Council. Good luck with making the best of 2020 and we look forward to the opportunity of helping you hit your goals.”

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