New ClientLook CRM Build Deployed

New ClientLook CRM build deployed

We deployed a major new build to ClientLook CRM. It contains lots of new features, refinements and bug fixes. Below is a list of the main items added to each module. Have an idea for a new feature? We’re eager for feedback so let us know.


  1. Replaced the Country picklist in the contact address with a text box. Any existing country values in a record were converted to text. Now you can enter whatever you want without having to choose from a long list.
  2. Resolved a issue where the wrong contact photo sometimes appeared when saving a contact.


  1. Replaced the Country picklist in the company address with a text box. Typing whatever you want is more convenient and easy.


  1. Added Advanced Search for projects. Check it out.
  2. Resolved an issue with the display of small values entered in the Deal Amount field.
  3. Resolve a display issue with the “Create report” menu.
  4. The Deal Amount field no longer contains a dollar sign as a saved value.
  5. Resolved an issue where some outside participants were unable to see pending project activities.
  6. Replaced the Country picklist in the property address with a text box.


  1. Resolved an issue with reminder popups that sometimes appeared at the wrong time.
  2. Modified the format of the reports for events and tasks to be consistent with other ClientLook reports.


  1. Sync no longer imports contacts in Google labeled as “Other contacts”. Only Google contacts with the “My contacts” label sync now.
  2. Improved sync to handle large databases.
  3. Removing a contact from a sync group now consistently removes the contact from Google as well.
  4. Deleting a ClientLook contact that is part of the sync group always causes the corresponding Google contact to be removed now.
  5. Implemented changes to address syncing to incorporate ClientLook’s new text values in the country field.
  6. Resolved an issue where All Day events scheduled in Google would sometimes appear 1-day early in ClientLook in certain time zones.
  7. ClientLook contacts added to an active sync group always sync now to Google.
  8. Improved the logic for data deletion when a user deletes their sync profile.
  9. Resolved an issue to ensure that newly added contacts shared with “Just me” sync properly.


  1. Added an Advanced Search module for projects.
  2. Fixed an issue with company searches.
  3. Keyword searching now properly validates special characters.


  1. Popup reminders now appear consistently at the correct time.
  2. The Task list report has added fields.


  1. Improved the “Options” menu to ensure that the “Export data” link always appears properly.
  2. Adding a “Working…” banner during large exports for better feedback.
  3. Resolved potential data mismatch errors in project exports.


  1. Implemented a feature to prevent users from deleting a contact group assigned to a sync profile.
  2. Improved the speed for producing a list of group members.
  3. Resolved a display issue where the wrong address was sometimes shown for a list of contact group members.
  4. Resolved a navigation issue to ensure that the “Lookup selected” worked for group lists.


  1. Added a feature so that two contact groups are created for each import. One group contains only the newly added contacts. The other group contains the newly added records, and also contains the existing contact records as members that had duplicates in the import file.
  2. Improvements were made to handle large data sets.
  3. Validation was improved to ensure that improper data is handled properly.


  1. Optimized deletion of large data sets.
  2. Improved validation of custom field names that match reserved database field names.
  3. Resolved an issue with decimal values in numeric fields.
  4. Validation of custom fields containing special characters was improved.
  5. Further optimized the database to increase performance.


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