Networking Tips For CRE Professionals

Networking Tips For CRE Professionals

Networking Tips For CRE Professionals

Networking is an important part of being a commercial real estate broker. However, many agents don’t like networking and put off attending events so they don’t have to do so. If you’re not taking advantage of all the benefits of networking, then you’re missing out on potential clients for your business. Instead of dreading networking events, use these tips to get the most out of the experience.

Focus On Quality Not Quantity

If networking isn’t something you look forward to, make it a priority to attend at least a handful of top events each year. Once you’re at the event, you will probably feel more relaxed and enjoy yourself. While you’re there, focus on the quality of the people you’re talking to, not the quantity.

So many people think they need to “work the room” and mingle with everyone. This strategy can be exhausting, and it also doesn’t give you the opportunity to really get to know the needs of the person you’re chatting with. If your goal is just to get a large stack of business cards, feel free to mingle. But if your goal is to find new prospective clients, it’s best to take your time with each person.

Be Prepared

If you’re nervous or aren’t sure how to start conversations with new people, it’s best to be prepared before the event. Take a little time to write down a few easy “conversation starters”, and don’t be afraid to practice your speaking skills at home. The more prepared you are before the event, the more confident you will feel while you’re there. Bonus: if you know a few key people who will be attending, do a little research about them. This will help you understand what their primary focus is, and how you can add value to them.

Follow Up

Be sure to bring plenty of business card with you to the event. While you’re there, exchange cards with each person you have a nice conversation with. It may help if you write down a couple quick notes on each person’s business card that will help you remember your conversation. If you’re a ClientLook CRM subscriber, simply take a photo of the business cards and send them to our exclusive Virtual Assistant team to be inputted into your database. You can also include notes for the VA to schedule a task for you to follow up with each person. You will want to send a personalized email to each person within a couple days of the event. Avoid the urge to write one generic email to everyone, as taking the time to mention specific things you talked about will be more meaningful to the potential client.

Pay It Forward

As a commercial real estate professional, building relationships and your overall reputation are both extremely important. If you happen to meet someone who is looking for services you don’t specialize in, pay it forward! That would be the perfect opportunity for you to refer the business to another colleague in your office or to another business if needed. When you pay it forward to other people, they will inevitably think of you when they meet someone who is looking for your services. It’s a win-win for everyone!

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