How To Merge Groups In ClientLook

How To Merge Groups In ClientLook

How To Merge Groups In ClientLook

Users frequently ask how to add the members of one group to another, or how to merge groups. The most common reason for doing this is to add a list of recently imported contacts to an existing contact group. For example, you might have an existing group of 150 investors in ClientLook called “Office investors.”  Today you receive a new investor list from your research team with 50 new names to import into ClientLook and you want to add them to the existing group so that it now contains all 200 names.

When you import contacts into ClientLook, we automatically create a new separate group for each import. The group names are generated automatically in chronological order. For example, “Contact import 5” would be the fifth import you did.  These groups are created for several reasons, including allowing you to delete a particular import if you realize that you mapped a column on your spreadsheet to the wrong field in ClientLook.  Being able to delete only this group of contacts, without disturbing your other contacts, is important and a great time saver.

To add this newly imported group to your existing investor group, the first thing you need to do is to pull up that group. From the main contact list, pull down the “Show” menu and select the name of the newly created import group.

ClientLook CRM_groups1

Now that you have all the members of the new group displayed, you want to select all of them by clicking on the “Select all” link at the top of the list. It’s not labeled, but it’s the checkbox on the left side of the header line.

ClientLook CRM_groups2

Now that you have selected all of the records you just imported, we want to add them to the existing group. Click on the “Options” menu, and select the menu item which says “Add to group.”

ClientLook CRM_groups3

This will pop up a list of your existing groups. (Note that you must have already created the group. Groups can be created by clicking on your name in the upper right corner of any ClientLook page, choosing “Setup”, then “Groups.”)

ClientLook CRM_groups4

Select the group you want to add these contacts to, then click the “Add to group” button. That’s it; you’re done! The “Office Investors” group will now contain the original members plus all the people you just added from the import group.

ClientLook CRM_groups5

Need help with this feature or any other feature in ClientLook? Just click the “big blue button” located in the bottom right corner of any ClientLook page on the web or in the iPhone app to be connected to our support team! We’re always happy to help.

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