Maneuvering in ClientLook

easy to use commercial real estate CRM

Maneuvering in ClientLook Commercial Real Estate CRM

ClientLook is designed to be an easy to use – yet powerful – commercial real estate CRM. Following these simple guidelines for maneuvering in the application will make it easy to get where you want to be quickly.

The Big Rule

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  • Rule #1 – Never use the “Back” button in your browser!

    Actually, this is the only real “rule”.

    The “back” button is useful and perfectly fine to use when you are reading articles on your favorite web site. But it is not intended for use in a sophisticated database application like ClientLook. Frequently, the page displayed is the result of doing a search or submitting a form. Clicking “back” in those situations can have unintended consequences.

    In this article we will show you how to use the maneuvering tools built in to ClientLook to move around the application properly.

List Views

  • When you click on the Contacts, Companies, Deals or Properties modules, we will always start by showing you the 25 most recently used records. This will include those records which you viewed or edited most recently as well as those records with recent emails attached to them through ClientLook CRM’s commercial real estate email tracking system.

    If you would like to view all records in that module, or the members of a particular group you have created, then select the appropriate option from the “Show:” pick list at the upper left side of the page. This will pull up a list of those records that match your selected criteria.

    When viewing a list, we always display 25 records per page. If there are more than 25 records, use the page navigation options at the bottom of the page to move to the “Next” or “Previous” set of 25, or jump to the “Last” or “First” page of the list.

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Quick Search Bar

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  • To jump straight to a particular record, there is no need to pull up a list. Simply use the “Quick search” bar at the top of the screen. Type a portion of the name you are looking for, then select the correct record from the pick list that comes up. You will be taken immediately to that record. You can choose to quickly search other modules as well – contacts, companies, deals, properties and email campaigns.

    It’s the fastest way to get around ClientLook.

Moving Between Records

  • After doing a search or clicking on a group name, you will be presented with a list of records that match your search criteria or belong to the selected group. Clicking on any of those names will show you the record for that person/company/property. If you would like to move to another record in your search results, check out the navigation buttons in the upper right corner of the page. These will give you the option to move to the next or previous record, or to return to the list you were just looking at.

    Please note that leaving the module you are in will reset the list. For example, if you are maneuvering through a list of contacts, and then click on a property, you will leave the contacts module. When you click on “Contacts” again, you will return to the “Recent Contacts” list, not the list you were previously using.

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Moving Around Through Updates

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  • Updates, whether in Scoop or on a contact, company, deal or property record, display as 25 per page.

    To move to another page of updates, use the page navigation links at the bottom of the page. “Older”, for example, will show you the next 25 older updates, while “Newer” does the opposite.

These simple steps make it really easy to move around ClientLook!

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