Get The Most Out of LinkedIn With These Tips

Get The Most Out of LinkedIn With These Tips

LinkedIn Tips 2019

LinkedIn is a necessary part of your business marketing strategy. In fact, LinkedIn is the most popular social media platform for business use. Potential clients, investors, co-workers, and vendors are all using LinkedIn to boost their business, and you should be as well. Check out these tips to make the most out of your LinkedIn profile:

Your Profile Photo and Background Photo

Your profile photo should be a professional business headshot on LinkedIn and should be uploaded in a 400 x 400 pixel format. In addition to your headshot photo, you will also want to take advantage of your background image.

Use this space to reinforce your branding, your industry, or a little extra promotion for your business. The best size for your background image is 1584 x 396 pixels. Whatever you do, don’t leave it with the generic background. Make your profile stand out with unique photos that represent you and your business.

Edit Your Profile Settings

To make changes to your profile, click on the link in the upper right that says “Edit public profile and URL.” From here, you can personalize your URL to something like “” or some other variation of your name or initials. You can also change the visibility of your profile to either “Public, All LinkedIn Members, Your Network, or Your Connections.” I highly recommend keeping your profile public so people can easily find you, view your profile, and connect with you.

Your Profile Headline and Summary

You have 120 characters to make an impact with your LinkedIn headline. Be unique and creative, but also keep it clear and concise. You have more space to write a compelling summary, but again you want to keep it short and sweet. Your summary should include keywords, introduce yourself to new viewers, give a brief overview of your experience, and you may also want to include a short blurb about your future goals.

Work Experience and Skills

This is laid out a bit like an online resume, but you don’t have to list every job you’ve ever had. Include your relevant work experience. Be sure to include a brief description of your job responsibilities and things you achieved while working in that position.

In addition to your employment history, you will also want to include relevant skills on your profile. Your connections have the opportunity to endorse you for these skills, so its best to keep the list short and concise. However, you will want to update your skills and work experience at least a few times per year to make sure it’s always up to date.

Ask For Recommendations

There’s no shame in asking previous co-workers or clients to write a short recommendation that will be included on your LinkedIn profile. It’s a nice courtesy to extend the favor and write a recommendation for those who write one for you. Within the recommendations section of your profile, simply click on “Ask for a recommendation” and LinkedIn will send the request to the people you specify.

Share Relevant Posts

Did you know that your post can be up to 1,300 characters in length? That’s a lot of space to share relevant news, link to your current blog posts, and highlight your knowledge and expertise on a regular basis. Don’t simply drop a website URL and run; write a sentence or two about what the URL is about and why your viewers should click through to read it. Keep in mind that your LinkedIn posts should be written to increase engagement, not just get people to click on a link to your own website. Remember that you can also tag other people and use relevant hashtags in your post to help expand your reach.

Regardless of your job or the industry that you’re in, LinkedIn can be a great boost to your career. Keep your profile up to date and stay relevant by implementing these tips.

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