Letter From The CEO

Letter from the CEO

Welcome to ClientLook! We’ve spent the better part of 2008 conceptualizing and creating our new tool for commercial real estate, which we’re really excited to be releasing. A limited beta was recently announced and we’ve been overwhelmed with interest from people eager to get involved with ClientLook.

So what is ClientLook? It’s a whole new way for brokers to convey project activity to their clients. The idea came in response to the industry-wide complaint that clients weren’t satisfied with the quality and consistency of the communication they received from their broker. This issue was as common among the clients of listing brokers and property managers as it was with tenant and investor reps.

It wasn’t just clients that were unhappy though. Brokers complained about the time-consuming nature of creating project activity reports and struggled with the regular need to organize and present their progress. We also discovered that, despite a broker’s efforts and reporting, most clients significantly underestimated the amount of work done on their behalf. Business suffered and relationships were strained. There had to be a better way.

We wanted to invent a tool that made it easy for brokers to provide ongoing updates to their clients – and equally easy for clients to access them. It had to be simple, web-enabled and secure. We also recognized that most brokers used a desktop contact manager, so we wanted to find a way to leverage the daily activities logged there to eliminate redundant data entry. ClientLook satisifes all these needs and does so in a way that we think will reinvent the way brokers and clients communicate.

ClientLook is made to be affordable to anyone in the industry at the introductory price of $29.95 per month. You can manage as many projects/listings/assignments as desired. You can create teams and share data with anyone, anywhere. There’s no contract term and no signup or cancellation fees. There’s even a free account option to provide a test drive. And, clients never pay to see their project activity online.

We hope you enjoy using ClientLook, and that it does great things for your business. We are committed to refining our service over time based on your feedback, and look forward to your suggestions.

Michael Griffin
CEO and Founder
ClientLook, Ltd.

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Michael Griffin - ClientLook, Founder

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