iPhone Essential Apps for Commercial Real Estate

iPhone essential apps for commercial real estate

It’s hard to talk about commercial real estate technology without mentioning the iPhone and it’s larger brother, the iPad. No single electronic device in the last several years has had as big an impact on personal communications and productivity. The modern PDA has become synonymous with these ubiquitous Apple inventions in a way that no previous device has. The staggering number of programs available to run on these devices – known as “apps” or applications – exceeds 250,000, placing the iPhone in a league of it’s own. No matter what you are trying to accomplish on your iPhone, as the saying goes, “There’s an app for that!”.

Narrowing Down The List

Choosing a short list of top applications for the iPhone is a difficult task, because everyone has different needs. I have about 150 apps on my phone. Some are used frequently, some rarely, but I use all of them. The other 200 that I have tried and found less useful or irrelevant have been deleted. Many times it’s a matter of personal preference – I’ve tried a dozen list making apps and at least as many to-do / task managers. There are several of each that I prefer for different reasons, and yet none of them may suit YOUR personal needs.

Here is my list of iPhone essential apps for commercial real estate that I recommend you consider. I am leaving off lots of things – no Twitter or Facebook clients, no blogs, only one news app (although there are at least 10 that I find very useful), no RSS feed readers (if you know what this is, then are techie enough that you probably already have one). These are in no particular order, and I’m probably leaving off at least 10 that I’ll immediately regret.

To download any of these apps, simply use the AppStore app on your iPhone or iPad, and search for the appropriate title.

Dragon Dictation

Outstanding dictation
Price: Free
Why you need it: Dictate your emails and text messages by speaking into the phone, and Dragon Dictation will type them for you. Works remarkably well, and it’s free. Powered by Dragon NaturallySpeaking, the best-selling PC dictation software.


Organization for all your random information
Price: Free
Why you need it: Evernote is like a huge box that you can drop anything into – notes, clippings, images, web sites – you name it. It’s a combination of web site, desktop application and mobile application, and you can access or add to it from anywhere and organize it the way that makes sense to you.


Read web sites later, offline, when it’s convenient
Price: $4.99, limited free version available
Why you need it: See something on the web, but don’t have time for it right now? Click a button in your web browser and save it to Instapaper. It will be synchronized to your phone, so you can read it offline (no connection required) at your convenience.

Google Mobile

Search with your voice and much more
Price: Free
Why you need it: Google Mobile allows you to search your phone and the web by speaking into the phone. It is aware of your location – so just say “office supply store” or “Italian restaurant” for local results.

Documents To Go

Word, PowerPoint, PDF and Excel documents on your phone
Price: $4.99 – 14.99, depending on version desired
Why you need it: There are several apps that allow you to get your MS Office and other documents on your phone. But this one has been around for years on other platforms and is a proven quantity. Now includes ability to sync Google Docs and Mac iWork files. A free desktop companion is included so you can wireless sync documents between your phone, Windows PC and Mac.


Loopnet in your pocket
Price: Free
Why you need it: The first commercial real estate property search for the iPhone. Uses the GPS in your phone to show you commercial lease and sale availability in your immediate area, and all the pertinent listing and contact information.

Fluent News

Top news sources all in one app
Price: Free
Why you need it: Keeping up with current events and new on-the-go can be challenging. Fluent News combines CNN, The New York Times, ABC, The Wall St Journal, MSNBC, BBC, USA Today and more in one place. Consider yourself updated.


Send yourself reminders on the go
Price: Free
Why you need it: Busy people sometimes need help with reminders. Enter ReQall. Simply speak your reminders, appointments, calls, etc. (“Meeting at 6:00 pm tomorrow with John Smith”). They will be transcribed and sent to you by email and on the ReQall site, and categorized on your phone list; you’ll even get emails reminders before the appointments you told it about.

Siri Assistant

Free assistant at your fingertips
Price: Free
Why you need it: Combine Google Mobile and ReQall together, mix it with intelligent search comprehension, and you’ve got Siri. “What movies are playing near me tonight?”, “Call me a taxi”, “Find an Italian restaurant close by” – and Siri will do it. Incredibly useful.

The Bottom Line

This list could go on for another 50 pages. If you’ve got an iPhone and some free time, try this Google search for more top iPhone apps – you’re sure to find another handful (or more) that you can’t live without!

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