Inviting Your Clients To The Deal “War Room”

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Inviting Your Clients To The ClientLook Deal “War Room”

Real-time Commercial Real Estate Deal Collaboration in ClientLook

By now most of you probably know that as a ClientLook user, you can set up an online “war room” for each of your ClientLook deals and invite your clients to collaborate on the deals you are working for them. Your clients get a free limited ClientLook account and can log in to share documents, see your deal-related activity, add notes and make comments on your updates, see upcoming events, etc.

In previous blog articles, we’ve talked about how commercial brokers use this feature to win more commercial real estate assignments, we’ve shown you what your clients see when they log in, and we’ve discussed how to ensure that all emails related to a deal get saved in the system. Today, we’re going to discuss how you actually invite your clients to collaborate on a deal.

Adding Your Client to A Deal

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  • First, if you have not already done so, add your client to ClientLook as a contact. They have to be in your database before you can invite them to a deal. Then, click on the “Deals” module and go to the particular deal that you would like to invite your client to participate in. Click the “People” tab, then click the “Relate a contact” button.

Sending A Deal Invitation

  • Type in a portion of the client’s name and select them from the picklist that appears. In the “Relationships” box, you can choose any relationship type(s) that apply.

    Next, be sure to check the box labeled “Collaboration: Allow log in access to this deal. You can optionally add a personal comment to the “Customize the invitation” box, then simply click the button labeled “Email invitation”.

    This adds your client to the deal and marks their status as “Pending” until they accept your invitation. Once your client accepts your invitation, then the pending status will no longer be shown.

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Accepting The Invitation

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  • ClientLook will send an email to your client (at the first email address you have recorded on their contact record in ClientLook) notifying them that you have invited them to collaborate on this deal. When they click the link provided, the system will prompt them to create their own personalized password, then take them to the login page and they can log in to ClientLook to access your deal.

    It’s a good idea to let your client know to expect this email, as it might wind up in their spam folder. Be sure to tell them to check there if they don’t see it in their inbox.

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