Importing commercial properties into ClientLook CRM

Importing commercial properties into ClientLook CRM

You can import properties to ClientLook from a spreadsheet, just like contacts. The “Import” option is on the “Options” menu in the properties section.
You can import your properties yourself, or send your property spreadsheet to us and we can import it for you, as long as the data is in the required format. You can download some sample property import spreadsheets for different commercial property types here. You can certainly use your own spreadsheets, but you will find that these samples illustrate all the fields available to import into and the format your data should appear in, so they are good references. Each major property type (office, retail, industrial, etc.) must be imported on a separate spreadsheet, since the available building attributes are different for each commercial property type.

You can create custom fields for properties in ClientLook to suit your individual needs, and you can import into those fields just as easily as the “built-in” fields that apply to all ClientLook users. Simply create columns on your spreadsheet with matching names for the fields you have created in ClientLook.

The most common issue we see with property imports is that the property addresses are not formatted correctly. In order to import, the property address needs to be split into street number, direction prefix, street name and direction suffix.

So, “123 N Main Street SE” would be:
Street number: 123
Direction Prefix: N
Street Name: Main Street
Direction Suffix: SE

Please notice that the word “Street” in part of the street name, not the suffix. The same would apply for any other word (Rd, Hwy, Blvd) used as part of a street name. The suffix is strictly for a directional indicator like N, S, E, SW, etc. The split addresses allows properties to be correctly sorted in building order on the street for list views and mapping, so that the buildings that are located next to each other on the street appear the same way in ClientLook’s list view.

Once your properties are in ClientLook, you can link your investors to the properties they own, tenants to the properties where they occupy space and prospects to the buildings they are interested in.

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