Importing to ClientLook – the easy way!

Importing to ClientLook – the easy way!

Our import utility allows you to quickly and easily import your existing contacts. But the absolute easiest way to get your contacts into ClientLook is to let us handle it for you! You can email your import file to our support department, and someone here will take care of the import for you.

What we need

Your contacts need to be in an Excel spreadsheet or .csv file. This common format can be generated by almost any program which currently houses your contacts. If you are an Outlook user, here are some detailed instructions for exporting contacts from Outlook.

If you need assistance exporting from your current software, just give our support team a call, we’ll be happy to assist.

Your contacts should to be arranged one per row, with the contact’s information and their company information, if applicable, on the same row.

Top 3 import issues and how to avoid them

1. Contact first name and last name need to be in separate columns. This allows the importer to correctly split the names so we can let you search by first or last name. The same applies to all data fields – each item of information, such as address, city, occupied SF, lease expiration date, etc. should be in discrete columns.

2. We can’t import companies with no contact names, so if you don’t have at least a first or last name, we’ll need to use a last name of “Unknown” in order to create a contact record. You can always edit the record once you establish contact and learn the correct contact information.

3. Duplicate checking for contacts is accomplished by comparing email addresses. For companies, it’s the company name and ZIP code combination which distinguishes between office locations. To ensure that your data is as organized as possible, be sure to clean it up prior to import and have ZIP codes whenever practical.

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