Implement a Company Wide CRM To Fuel Brokerage Growth

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Implementing a Company-Wide CRM To Fuel Brokerage Growth

CRM (customer relationship management) systems have evolved over the years and have become an integral part in many company’s growth and follow-up strategies. Whether a small real estate boutique or a national commercial real estate brand, a well-designed, company-wide CRM can help keep all players organized, increase recruitment and retention efforts, promote growth, and more.

But, as with any new technology, process, or system, it’s imperative that adoption is fostered and encouraged throughout the company for success. A few people using a technology will not have the same impact that company-wide adoption can have.

With that said, here are a few ways that implementing a company-wide CRM can fuel brokerage growth. These reasons are just a few that can help encourage your team members to jump on board.

#1. You’ll Have a Go-To Source

When you have a company-wide CRM, it becomes the go-to source for information on prospects and current/past clients. Everyone is working from the same play book. As long as you develop rules for engagement then you’ll be able to move faster and accelerate deal making.

#2. You’ll Stop Losing Data

Your team members are likely talking to a large number of people each month. Consider the numbers of people they’ve probably come in contact with over their career. When they start cataloging these contacts in a CRM system, they can be assured they’re able to find contact information, remember important events, and design marketing campaigns to target those who are no longer (or have yet to become) active.

#3. You’ll Be Unique

If you’re treating all of your prospects and current/past clients the same, then you’re missing distinguishing opportunities to create a custom-tailored experience to meet your client’s needs and expectations. A quality CRM allows for notes on each entry so everyone can easily pick up where they left off. Perhaps they remember it was John’s birthday recently or that Mary and her family just returned from a trip to Maui. These small details can make everyone stand out from the crowd.

#4. You’ll Have Insight

When you implement a company-wide CRM you’ll also gain valuable insights into how leads are being handled from start to finish. This will help tremendously with growth, as you’ll be able to make insightful process decisions that can impact the way everyone is doing business.

#5. You’ll Breed Organization

There’s no denying that organizations fosters productivity, which in turn can fuel growth. A company-wide CRM can help your entire team organize their business in a way that wasn’t previously possible.

Getting Started

If you’re ready to implement an effective CRM system to manage your increasing business and growth, make contact with one of our professionals at ClientLook. We are here to show you how easy it is implement a CRM and why the industry consider us to be the #1 choice. Contact us today!

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