How Your Commercial Real Estate Website Can Benefit From SEO

How Your Commercial Real Estate Website Can Benefit From SEO

Commercial Real Estate Website SEO

Your website is one of the best ways to market your CRE business. Current and potential clients are looking at your website to learn more about your company, the services you offer, and what properties you have available. Instead of relying solely on direct traffic to your website, you can unleash the power of SEO to reach a wider audience. A powerful SEO strategy can bring in tons of new leads and give your business a big boost. Read on to learn how your commercial real estate website can benefit from SEO.

What Is SEO?

SEO is short for “search engine optimization” and is a common phrase you’ll hear web designers and marketers say. Quickly explained, SEO is the organic search results for a specific keyword or phrase. For example, let’s say you use a search engine (like Google) to search for “commercial real estate brokerage California”. When you type in those keywords, you will see the search results that match what you’re searching for. At the top of page 1 is the paid results. Keep in mind that any company can pay to have an ad there, but with a good SEO strategy, your site will rank organically (for free!). Your entire website can rank, and so can individual pages on your website (such as a blog post that matches the keywords).

Why Does SEO Matter For CRE?

SEO matters for every industry because people are constantly searching online for the products and services they’re looking for. You may be the best at what you do, but if no one can find you, they can’t hire you. Your existing clients know you, so they may just type in your website address directly. However, the goal is to constantly be reaching new potential clients so you can keep your CRE pipeline full. Keep in mind that a potential new client doesn’t know who you are – yet! – so they are not searching for your name, they are searching for a general keyword phrase like “commercial real estate broker Seattle.” Most people only look at page one of the search results, so you’ll need a good SEO strategy to get your website to rank there.

SEO 101

When it comes to SEO, there are a lot of factors that come into play. How popular is the keyword that you want to rank for? How much competition is there? Plus, Google (and other search engines) are constantly updating their internal systems for ranking search results. You could show up on page one today, and then be bumped to page two tomorrow because of a change that Google made, or your competition made a change to their SEO. The important thing to realize is that a great SEO strategy is a marathon, not a sprint. It’s an ongoing marketing objective that can make a huge impact on your commercial real estate business.

Getting Started With SEO

Most commercial real estate brokers are not experts in SEO, so it’s best to hire someone who knows all the ins and outs of it. At a minimum, you’ll want to make sure your website title and description include the keywords you want to rank for. You’ll also want to include those keywords throughout the pages on your website. When you upload photos, rename them. Google doesn’t know what “123abc.jpg” is but it could help you rank if the photo is renamed to “525 Main Street Irvine CA” if that photo was of that specific property. If the photo is of a person, label it with the persons name. If you’re posting about your brokerage, label the photo with the company name and city. The photo names, ALT tags, and META descriptions on your pages tell Google what that webpage is about.

As a commercial real estate broker, keeping your pipeline full is a top priority. Making your SEO strategy a top priority can have a huge benefit on your CRE business. Combine your SEO with our commercial real estate software to take your marketing efforts to the next level. ClientLook is the only all-in-one CRM software built specifically for the CRE industry. Keep track of your contacts, deals, properties, and tasks all in one place. See how our commercial real estate CRM software can help you stay on top of your marketing strategy by scheduling a demo today.

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