How You Can Benefit From Our Virtual Assistant Team

How You Can Benefit From Our Virtual Assistant Team

How You Can Benefit From Our Virtual Assistant Team

One of the amazing features that set’s our commercial real estate CRM apart is our exclusive back office assistant team. Known internally as the Virtual Assistant’s, or VA’s, they are ready to help you get the most out of ClientLook. Here’s how you can benefit from our Virtual Assistant team:

Boost Your Productivity

Keeping your CRM up to date is essential for your business, but we also realize that can be time consuming to do on your own. That’s where our back office assistant team comes in. They can help you with all of your CRM data entry. The team can add or update contacts, properties, deals, and tasks. You can easily submit your request to the Virtual Assistant team by phone or email. After your request has been completed, you will receive an email confirmation.

Reduce Costs

If you think you need to hire an assistant, give our Virtual Assistants a try first. They are real people who know the ClientLook system inside and out. Since they are already CRM experts, there’s no need to hire, train, and pay for a separate assistant to handle these tasks for you. Plus, if you already have an in-house assistant, their time can be spent working on other areas of your business.

Win More Deals

What will you do with all the time you save by using our VA team? Many of our subscribers use that time to focus on winning new business, or closing existing deals. Time is money in the commercial real estate business!

Of course, I can rave about our Virtual Assistant team all day, but don’t just take my word for it; hear what these valued ClientLook users have to say about this amazing feature:

“The Virtual Assistant is a great benefit; I can take a minute to type up an email to the VA with a list of items that I need done and it saves me three hours of work! It’s a huge exchange of value.” Jon Hammond, KW Commercial

“The Virtual Assistants are an extension of my in-house team. I rely heavily on the ClientLook platform, and the further along I go the more I can’t live without it.” Eric Bumgarner, Colliers International

“I am a huge fan of the Virtual Assistant – I use them every day. I have got in the habit of taking a picture of a business card, sending it to the VA, and they handle the data entry for me. Not having to type all of that in myself saves a ton of time.” Michael Allen, Harvey Lindsay Commercial Real Estate

“My database is always up to date thanks to the Virtual Assistant team.” Alex Ruggieri, SVN

“The VA’s are fast to make the updates that I request, and I receive an email usually the same day or early the next morning, to let me know that my request has been completed. It’s a nice time-saving feature.” Drew McDaniel, Cherry & Associates

If you’re a ClientLook commercial real estate CRM subscriber, the Virtual Assistant is included at no additional cost. If you’re not a current ClientLook user, schedule a demo today to learn more about how you can benefit from our Virtual Assistant team.

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