How To Work Remotely From Home

How To Work Remotely From Home

How To Work Remotely From Home

Across the globe, we are facing unprecedented times. The COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in schools closing and most people working remotely from home. For those of you who have never worked remotely, follow these tips to get the most out of your workday.

Use Technology

To effectively work from home, most people just need a computer and internet access. For others, like commercial real estate professionals, you may also require a good teleconference software and a CRM. Instead of in-person client meetings, you can easily utilize a web-based software like Zoom to have video meetings and conference calls. Keep track of all of your business data with a commercial real estate CRM, like ClientLook. With ClientLook, you can quickly track your contacts, properties, and deals. You can also schedule tasks, produce high-quality client reports, and organize all of your emails and correspondence.

Get Ready For The Day

While it can be tempting to work at home in your pajamas, it’s best to still get ready for the day. Have a normal morning routine that includes waking up, having breakfast, exercising, brushing your teeth, doing your hair, and getting dressed. Resist the urge to sleep in, and then head straight to your computer as you’ll experience the most success when you follow a morning routine since you shift your mindset from “lounging” to “working”.

Set Work Hours

Many people will continue to work their regular business hours, but some people will be faced with more flexibility than ever before. If you don’t have set work hours, set them for yourself. This helps you create clear boundaries for your day so you know when it’s time to focus on work, and when it’s ok to relax. Set an alarm on your phone to alert you when the work day is over so you don’t lose track of time.

Take A Break

While it can be tempting to try to get all of your work done in one sitting, it’s best to take scheduled breaks throughout the day. Get up once an hour to stretch and move around, and definitely take a lunch break. When it’s time for lunch, eat your meal away from your desk so you are more mindful of what you’re eating. Run out to grab coffee or a quick bite to eat and get some fresh air. Or, eat your meal on your patio to soak up the sunlight. Don’t assume that you need to be working all the time; scheduled breaks can help you recharge so you are more productive.

Reduce Distractions

While it’s nearly impossible to completely eliminate distractions, do you best to reduce them. Close non-related work tabs on your computer; turn off social media notifications on your phone; and schedule household chores to be done outside of your business hours if possible. Do your best to resist the urge to mindlessly scroll through social media or news articles online.

Plan Your Schedule In Advance

At the end of each workday, plan tomorrows schedule. Make sure to include any conference calls and scheduled meetings, as well as deadlines and high-priority tasks. Of course, your schedule should be modified as needed, but having a game plan will allow you to get started right away in the morning without wasting any time.

The ClientLook Advantage

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