How To View Updates Your Way In Deals

View Deal Updates In ClientLook

How To View Updates Your Way In Deals

The “Updates” section of a ClientLook “Deal” shows every past update (including attachments) that you have related to the deal. This includes:

  • Updates created for a contact or company
  • Events whose Start Date is in the past
  • Tasks marked as completed
  • Emails connected to the deal

The standard way that this historical information appears within a deal in our commercial real estate CRM software is by date, with the most recent update appearing at the top:

ClientLook CRM Updates_1

However, we recently added some additional ways of viewing this data. These new options can be found on the “Options” menu, on the right side of the page.

ClientLook CRM Updates_2

The first new option is to view by category. This will sort all the updates based on the “category” you chose when you created the update. ClientLook includes some built-in default categories, but you can add anything you like to the list to customize it to your needs.

This option makes it easier for you to view related items together; for example, all the property tours together, all the sign calls, etc.

ClientLook CRM Updates_3

The second new option is to view by company. This way, all updates for the same company will appear together, rather than being spaced out based on date. It makes it easy to get an overview of everything you have done with any contacts at a particular company.

ClientLook CRM Updates_4

Do you have any ideas for additional views that would be helpful to you? Let us know – we love suggestions!

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