How To Use Online Collaboration Tools In Your CRE Business

Online Collaboration Tools For Commercial Real Estate

How To Use Online Collaboration Tools In Your CRE Business

Commercial real estate companies and CRE professionals can benefit from web-based collaboration platforms that allow them to meet with colleagues, prospects and clients in real-time online.

Commercial real estate was one of the many industries to be impacted by the rise of the internet. Some of the most successful professionals have acknowledged and understood the importance of successfully integrating the internet into their business.

In the beginning that simply meant having an online presence in the way of a company website, multiple listing service, project management tool (war room) or a combination of these. Next came things like web-based programs for lease administration, accounting packages and contact management.

More recently, the internet has introduced web collaboration tools. Web collaboration refers to software tools used to facilitate communication on the internet in real-time. Some web collaboration tools include video conferencing via webcams that are now built into many laptops, tablets, almost every smartphones and screen sharing programs. They let you not only see and speak with someone on the other end, but also allow you to share materials and documents between the two devices, so that each person is looking at the same thing.

Below are some ways web-based collaboration tools can help you and your company build and increase client relationships.

Team Meetings

It is regularly hard – if not close to impossible – for commercial real estate professionals who work together (even those in the same office) to find the time to meet face to face. Video conferencing can enable teams to log in from anywhere, on any device, and connect as if there were all around a conference room table. They can share presentations, take meeting notes and even record their meetings for future use.


As many commercial real estate firms and professionals are implementing new programs and continuing education using web collaboration tools can make the training obtainable while eliminating the time away from the office and travel costs.

Listing Presentations

Email campaigns showcasing your listings isn’t always effective with prospects and clients. A more useful approach might be to schedule an on-line meeting with your client where you can share screens and walk them through available listings and answer questions as they come up.

Face to Face Meetings

Almost every commercial real estate professional would opt for an in-person meeting under the same roof to a phone call or email exchange. When that is not possible due to scheduling conflicts or physical location, a video conference can be a great solution. Many of your clients stay connected with friends and family using video conferencing so the concept will most likely not be foreign to them.

Below is a short list of online video conferencing tools to help you collaborate and be more efficient:


GoToMeeting is a web-hosted service created and marketed by LogMeIn. It is an online meeting, desktop sharing, and video conferencing software that enables the user to meet with other computer users, customers, clients or colleagues via the internet in real-time.


Slack is where collaboration happens. When your team needs to kick off a project, hire a new employee, deploy some code, review a sales contract, finalize next year’s budget, measure an A/B test, plan your next office opening, and more, Slack has you covered.


Airtable is the all-in-one collaboration platform that combines the flexibility of a spreadsheet interface with rich features like file attachments, kanban card stacks, calendars, and reporting.


Eyeson is a great option for video meetings and webinar experiences for teams. Through its patented single-stream-technology it supports an unlimited number of participants in HD quality.

At ClientLook, we use GoToMeeting to host our webinars and our team uses Slack to communicate internally. As the only all-in-one CRM built specifically for the commercial real estate industry, we are focused on using – and providing – the best technology resources to help you efficiently run your business. See how our software can take you to the next level by scheduling an overview or signup for a free trial.

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