How to use an iPad to run your CRE business

How to use an iPad to run your commercial real estate business

The Apple iPad is one of the fastest growing technology tools in our industry. In this 30 minute presentation, conducted by Michael Griffin entirely from an iPad, you’ll understand how you can use a tablet device to run your commercial real estate business.

Learn everything you need to know in order to become a mobile commercial real estate broker relying on an iPad to provide all your core technology needs. You’ll enjoy greater productivity, build your business faster, and deliver better client service.

Features of this presentation include:

  1. Learn the simple secret to using your iPad for presentations
  2. The pros and cons of Apple Mail and mobile email communication
  3. How to use cloud-based file storage with your iPad
  4. Accessing commercial property research anywhere
  5. Integrating online CRM to manage contacts, calendar and more

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