How to succeed with cloud-based CRM

What does it take to succeed with cloud-based CRM in commercial real estate? In this 25 minute technology presentation by Michael Griffin you’ll learn everything you need to know to track contacts, organize your calendar, manage projects and more online.

See real-life examples of how the industry’s best use their smartphone, tablet and CRM to run their business in the cloud. Find out the latest technology innovations that promote enhanced mobility, increased efficiency and immediate productivity gains using ClientLook’s commercial real estate CRM software.

Features of this presentation include:

  1. How to roll out of bed and be instantly productive with ClientLook
  2. Best ways to leverage devices like Apple iPhone and iPad
  3. Wireless syncing for your contacts and calendar
  4. Connecting to your CRM “live” through a tablet
  5. Using the ClientLook Virtual Assistant team

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Michael Griffin

Michael Griffin - ClientLook, Founder

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