How To Set Your Sharing and Collaboration Preferences

Sharing and Collaboration Preferences

How To Set Your Sharing and Collaboration Preferences

Anything you add to ClientLook commercial real estate software – a contact, a property, an individual update on a record – can be shared in different ways with other users you share your account with or your outside collaborators (clients that you invite to the online “war room” for a deal).  You’ve probably discovered how you share an individual item when you create it. But what you may not have seen is the “Preferences” section, where you can specify default sharing settings for items that you create in the future.

To access the Preferences section, simply click on your name in the upper right corner of any ClientLook page, and select “Setup.”

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Once the setup section appears, choose the “Preferences” tab. This is where you will choose default sharing options for each type of record that you create in ClientLook CRM, options for items shared with client collaborators and a couple other miscellaneous options.

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For each type of content that you create in ClientLook CRM, you can choose the “default” sharing option. This simply means that any items of this type will automatically be set to this sharing level unless you override it by choosing another option at the time you save the new item. This saves time during data entry, since you would set your defaults to your most commonly used settings.

The available options will consist of “Everyone” (all current or future users you share your account with), “Just me” (private to only you) or any user team that you are a member of.

For example, if I want all new contacts to be shared only with the team I’ve created called “Office Leasing”, then I would select that option from the picklist.

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In the “Client collaboration options” section, you can choose the default visibility level for items that you add to deals. For example, if you normally share most deal updates with your client collaborators, then you would select “Visible” as the default. You can always make individual items invisible by selecting to hide them when you create them.

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Finally, at the bottom of this tab you will see a couple miscellaneous options. You can choose which page opens automatically when you first open ClientLook each day. If you normally head straight to your calendar when you log in, then save yourself a couple mouse clicks and select it here as your default page. You can also set the default priority of tasks you add to your calendar.

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