How To Send A Buildout Email Campaign Using Your ClientLook Contacts

Buildout-ClientLook CRE Email Campaign

How To Send A Buildout Email Campaign Using Your ClientLook Contacts

ClientLook commercial real estate software integrates with Buildout, a popular marketing platform for commercial properties. With a click of the mouse, you can instantly upload a ClientLook CRM listing to your Buildout account or download a Buildout property into ClientLook.

Buildout prepares stunning marketing materials, which you can send out by email blast via MailChimp. But what if you want to use a group of ClientLook contacts or do a quick search of contacts that meet certain criteria, and then send a Buildout campaign to that list? Doing this directly in Buildout is something planned for the next phase of our integration. In the meantime, there is a simple way to make this happen if you are using ClientLook’s integration with MailChimp.

When you create a marketing flyer or other package in Buildout, it creates a MailChimp “campaign” that contains a template that gets distributed via email to recipients stored in your MailChimp account. We will extract the template from that campaign and make it accessible to you within ClientLook. This allows you to more easily send emails to targeted lists of ClientLook contacts.

The first step is to create the MailChimp campaign from Buildout. Once the campaign is saved, go to your “Campaigns” list in MailChimp, find the campaign you saved and click on the name to open the campaign.

Buildout-ClientLook Email Campaign_1

Once the campaign pops up on your screen, you will see a preview of the email. Click instead on the menu item labeled “HTML Source”. This will show you the web formatting code that actually makes up the graphical design you just saw.

Buildout-ClientLook Email Campaign_2

Click on the screen inside this area where the code is. Then either use your keyboard shortcut for “Select all” (“Ctrl-A” on a Windows PC, or “Command-A” on a Mac) or right click inside this area to use your mouse to click “Select all”.

Buildout-ClientLook Email Campaign_3

Once you have selected all of the text, simply copy it to your clipboard (“Ctrl-C” on a Windows PC, or “Command-C” on a Mac or right click your mouse and choose “Copy). This saves it to memory temporarily.

Buildout-ClientLook Email Campaign_4

Now that we have the “guts” of the email design copied into memory, we need to click on the “Templates” menu in MailChimp. This will give you a list of email templates you have already created. Since we want to create a new template using the design that we just copied, click the “Create template” button.

Buildout-ClientLook Email Campaign_5

You will be presented with three choices. Click the one that says “Paste in code”.

Buildout-ClientLook Email Campaign_6

You will be shown a sample code window.

Buildout-ClientLook Email Campaign_7

We don’t need their sample data, so we’ll clear it out by selecting all of it (using the method described above) and hit the “delete” key. This will give you a nice clean screen.

Buildout-ClientLook Email Campaign_8

Now we want to paste in the code that we previously “copied”. So click your mouse inside the empty area on the right, where you just deleted the sample code, and “paste” the code you copied in the previous step. To do this, the keyboard shortcut is “Ctrl-V” on a Windows PC, or “Command-V” in a Mac. (or right click, and choose “Paste” from the menu).

Buildout-ClientLook Email Campaign_9

After you paste the code, if you wait a few seconds the system should show you a preview of your new template. Surprise! – it looks just like the Buildout template that you copied! Click the “Save and exit” option at the bottom right to save your template and give it a descriptive name so that you can find it again.

Buildout-ClientLook Email Campaign_10

That’s it! You have saved your Buildout flyer as a MailChimp template. Now you can send it out from ClientLook (instructions for sending email blasts with ClientLook using any template you have saved in MailChimp are in a previous blog post located here).

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