How To Relate Multiple Contacts To A Deal In ClientLook

How To Relate Multiple Contacts To A Deal

How To Relate Multiple Contacts To A Deal

We recently added a new feature to the ClientLook commercial real estate CRM that allows users to relate a list of contacts to a deal at once. This can be used for many things; perhaps you have an existing deal for an investment sale and have related 20 buyers to that deal as “Prospects.” Now you’ve set up a new deal for a similar assignment and want to relate the same list of people as prospects for this deal. Alternatively, maybe you want to be able to search ClientLook for all tenants with 20,000 square foot leases expiring within the next 8 months and add them as prospects for a deal you set up for a newly listed vacant space. This new feature allows you to do either of those things quickly and effortlessly. Let me show you how:

Example 1:  Copying related contacts from one deal to another

The first thing you need to do is to come up with your list of contacts. If these people are currently related to an existing deal, then you can ask for a list of those people from the deal record.


On my existing “Big deal #1”, I have 4 investors related to this deal and I would like to relate them to my new deal, “Big deal #2.”

To select these people, simply click the “Options” menu, then choose “Create lookup.” Choose to find a list of contacts related to the deal using any of your defined relationship types. In this case, I’ll pick “Investor”


When I click the “Create lookup” button, I will be taken to the Contacts module with all of the matching contacts in a list. Click the “Select all” checkbox to select all of these people, then click the “Options” menu and choose “Add to deal.”


A box will open allowing you to choose the deal that you would like to relate these contacts to. Type in a few letters of your new deal name and select the deal from the list of matches that pops up. Choose a relationship type and how you want this relationship to be shared with your team (if you are on a shared database) and then click “Relate this deal” to finish the process.


When you open “Big Deal #2”, you will see that all those contacts are now related to this deal with the relationship type of “Prospect.”


Example 2: Relating contacts using an advanced search

In this case, I’m not interested in copying contacts from an existing deal, but I want to search ClientLook for people that meet certain criteria. In the example below, I’m using the “Advanced Search” feature to search a few of the custom fields on my account to find 15,000 to 20,000 square foot office tenants with leases expiring later this year.


When I click “Search”, I will get a list of contacts that meet this criteria in a list view, exactly like the one illustrated above. Then I can choose to add these people to a deal in the same manner as above. This works for groups as well; choosing an existing contact group will allow me to select all group members and then add them in the same way.

Need help with this feature or any other feature in ClientLook? Just click the “big blue button” located in the bottom right corner of any ClientLook page on the web or in the iPhone app to be connected to our support team. We’re always happy to help.

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