How To Relate A CRM Update To Multiple Records

How To Relate A CRM Update To Multiple Records

By now, I’m sure you have all had the opportunity to create updates within our commercial real estate CRM. An update is simply a note, a historical reference, an email, or any other item of significance that you want to store on a record, whether that’s a contact record or a company, deal, or property. Each update is time and date stamped, categorized, and attributed to the person who recorded it. See how easy it is to update multiple records in ClientLook with this step-by-step post.

The most common update you’ll create – probably on a daily basis – is a contact update. Things don’t happen in a vacuum, and frequently things that happen with one contact involve other people. An example would be a property tour. Let’s say that George Adams is a potential tenant and you want to record the results of the tour on George’s record in ClientLook. However, Scott Simpson from his company accompanied him, as did his tenant rep broker Amy Smith. You want the same information to be on the records of those individuals as well.

Updates can frequently involve multiple modules. That same update for John Smith can be linked to the deal you have set up for the available space you toured through. You can relate the same update to that deal, allowing you to now find this important piece of information on every record that it involves.

Our commercial real estate CRM makes it really simple to share an update with multiple contacts. In my example, you would create the update on the record of John Smith, then click the “Show update options” link in the lower left corner of the blue update box. The update box will expand to reveal some additional options. You will see an option labeled “Related contacts”, and George’s name will already be there. Simply click inside the box and type a few letters of Scott Simpson’s name. Select Scott’s name from the list that pops up and repeat for Amy Smith.

Relate A CRM Update To Multiple Records_1

Next, go to the “Deals” section. Type a few letters of the deal you created for this listing at, say, “456 Main Street” and add the update here also. When you save the update by clicking the “Add this update” button, you have added it to all three contact records and the deal simultaneously.

Relate A CRM Update To Multiple Records_2

You can relate any update to up to ten contacts, deals, or properties, all at once. Now when you view any of these related records, you will find the information you are looking for.

Here’s the entry on the record of George Adams, as well as the same entry viewed on the deal record.

Relate A CRM Update To Multiple Records_3

Relate A CRM Update To Multiple Records_4

That’s all you have to do to update multiple records in ClientLook. We pride ourselves on being user-friendly and easy to update. If you’re not a current subscriber, schedule a demo today to see how simple it can be to organize your commercial real estate business.

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