How To Network In 2021

How To Network In 2021

How To Network In 2021

There’s no denying that life in 2021 feels far from “normal”. More and more people are working full-time from home, while other offices have adopted a hybrid approach. While there are pros and cons to this new structure, it can be a challenge to network and meet new people during these unpredictable times. To grow your commercial real estate business, use these tips on how to network in 2021.

Embrace Technology

Technology makes it possible to connect with people from all over the world, so embrace it! While it’s always nice to meet someone face to face, we are all used to using – and relying on – technology to conduct business. First and foremost, make a great first impression with a professional website for your commercial real estate business. Let readers quickly get to know what you specialize in, your background, and what makes you unique. A great website is user-friendly, easy to navigate, and answers all of the most common questions that a potential client would have prior to meeting you. In addition to your website, now is a great time to embrace virtual meeting. Using a platform like Zoom, is the next best thing to meeting someone in person. Technology allows us to see and hear the person (or people) so you can still host a coffee meeting, or any other networking event that you usually attend in person, virtually.

Leverage Social Media

Social media is a great way to network! This ties in with embracing technology and can allow you the unique opportunity to connect with people from all over the world. Pick two or three social media platforms to get started on, such as LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook. You’ll want to create professional profiles on each site to share your local business knowledge and expertise, and connect with your virtual target audience. You may specialize in commercial real estate in Orange County, California – but keep in mind that investors are located worldwide. Your next client may reside in another state, but they can easily find you via social media.

Join Local Organizations

While regulations vary widely from state to state and city to city right now, there are still many local organizations that are meeting on a regular basis. Look into joining your local Chamber of Commerce to build credibility in your area. You will also want to consider associations that are highly regarded in the commercial real estate industry such as SIOR, CCIM, BOMA, and CREW. Each of these organizations offers incredible benefits and helps you to gain credibility and continually stay on top of the educational opportunities.

Be A Guest Speaker

Being a guest speaker at industry events is one of the best ways to reach a wider audience and share your expertise. Whether you’re speaking at an in-person event or on a virtual stage, you will be able to position yourself as a leader in your market and have a moment to add value and make an impression on the audience. If you’re not a huge fan of public speaking, think of all the amazing benefits of doing so. For example, if you attend a networking event, you will only have time to chat with a handful of people. However, if you are a speaker at the event, you will reach the entire room.

Don’t Forget Your Existing Network

When it comes to networking in 2021, your existing circle is more important than you may realize. Take the time to reach out to past clients, colleagues, and friends to touch base and see how they’re doing. Sometimes all it takes is a moment to check in with someone to lead to a new business deal. As you’re speaking with your existing network, listen to their needs and connect them with other professionals you know who may be able to help them. What goes around comes around is definitely a true statement – if you refer business to other people, those people will send business back to you. Utilize your existing circle to expand your circle.

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