How To Merge ClientLook Accounts

How To Merge Accounts In ClientLook CRM

How To Merge ClientLook Accounts

You and some other team members have been using ClientLook commercial real estate software for a while now, but your accounts are separate so you don’t share contacts, property records or calendars. With the recent addition of our listings module, and the upcoming release of our comps (lease and sale comparables) module, you have realized that sharing data with your team or another broker would be convenient.  You would be able to have one place to keep all your listings, collaborate on deals that you’re working on, and maintain one record for a common contact instead of each keeping a separate copy. Plus, you want to be able to share lease and sale comps with the team or the whole office. What do you do now that you’ve decided to join forces?

Fortunately, we can merge two or more existing ClientLook CRM accounts together to easily facilitate the sharing of data. All the existing contacts, properties, updates, etc. from all your old separate accounts will be turned into one master shared database. You will still have the ability to keep certain things private and to create “teams” within your account to further subdivide what everyone can see.

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If you would like to merge accounts, simply contact our support staff. We can merge your accounts, which would include all existing contacts, companies, deals, properties, activities, listings and previously created updates in all modules. All data (unless you marked it as private – our sharing level of “Just me” – when creating it) will be visible to the team. Please be aware that once done this is permanent and accounts cannot be split apart again. You do have the option of individually marking select contacts as private, but this must be done on a one-by-one basis. If needed, we can ask the programmers to mark all of your existing contacts, companies or anything else as “Just me” on a one-time basis before doing the merge.

You’ve even got the option to define which team members need admin access, and which would better be “standard” users.

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Getting Started

  1. We will need to know which existing account should be the “master” which will serve as the basis of the shared database.  Any custom fields (lease expiration, occupied SF, etc.) created on the other non-master accounts, and the data contained in those custom fields, will be lost during the merge. All users on the merged account will then assume the custom fields defined on the “master” account.
  2. We would need an email from each person on the team (send to “”), asking us to merge their account, with acknowledgement of your understanding that once this is done, all existing data will be visible to the other team members and that this cannot be undone should you change your minds in the future.

For more details, or if you have any questions, just contact our support team at “” or click on the blue circle on the bottom right of your ClientLook screen.

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