How To Market Your Commercial Real Estate Business in 2020

How To Market Your Commercial Real Estate Business in 2020

How To Market Your CRE Business in 2020

As a commercial real estate professional, your goal is to keep your pipeline full, and your marketing strategy will have a direct impact on that. I’m sure you’re trying to keep your existing clients, while at the same time appeal to new clients, so you’ll need a targeted approach to your marketing. Check out these tips to boost your marketing in 2020:

Have A Marketing Plan

First things first, you need to have a plan. Sit down – either alone or with your team – and brainstorm ways to market your business. That list should include social media, your website and blog, email marketing, networking, print advertising, and event sponsorships. Once you have a full list, narrow it down to the items that your team can actually commit to. Think about your marketing budget; are you willing to spend money on advertising or do you want to focus on the free or low-cost options? Be honest with yourself about your budget and your time constraints as you put together a plan to market your commercial real estate business.

Invest In A Website

Every CRE professional should have a website to promote their business. Many prospective clients start their search for a commercial real estate agent online – can they find you there? At a minimum, your website should include information about the services you offer, about you and your experience and expertise, as well as your contact information. I also suggest including your available properties, information about everyone on your team, and press and accolades. Your website is the one piece of the internet that you can fully control; so use that in your favor! Done correctly, your website can be your best marketing tool.

Use Social Media

With over 2.2 billion people using Facebook and Instagram each day, I’d be willing to bet that your potential clients are there. Plus, that number is even larger when you include other platforms such as Twitter, LinkedIn, SnapChat, and Pinterest. At a minimum, I suggest that every commercial real estate professional utilized LinkedIn and Facebook, and add in Twitter and Instagram if you have the time to commit to it. When it comes to social media marketing, you want to post consistently and try to engage your followers. People hop on social media to either be educated, informed, or entertained so your posts should fit into one of those categories. There’s nothing wrong with promoting your available listings, but its best to aim to promote no more than 20% of the time and focus on providing value to your followers the other 80%.

Focus On Your Current & Past Clients

It takes more time to attract new clients than it does to keep your existing ones, so don’t neglect them once the transaction is done. Instead, focus on ways to stay on the top of your current and past clients minds with a marketing plan targeted toward them. Send a hand-written thank you note, surprise them with a gift on their birthday, and refer clients to their businesses whenever possible. You can also ask some of your best clients for a short testimonial that you can include on your website, and share on your social media pages.

When it comes to marketing your commercial real estate business in 2020, it doesn’t have to be complicated. Establish your plan and then stick to it consistently. Make a genuine effort to get to know your followers and attend networking events to expand your reach. As you’re meeting new people, be sure to add the new contacts to your commercial real estate CRM, and schedule a task to follow up with them.

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