How To Import Contact Groups Into ClientLook CRM

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How To Import Contact Groups Into ClientLook CRM

ClientLook CRM gives you the ability to import contacts from a spreadsheet. When you import contacts, we automatically create a contact group – or two – for you. A question that we are frequently asked by users who have imported contacts into ClientLook is “What’s the difference between these two contact groups you created?”

To answer this question, we need to first discuss how the system prevents duplicates from being imported. When you import contacts, we use their email address as the automatic duplicate checking field. No two people share the same email address, so it’s the perfect field to use for this purpose. If, for example, you have a contact on your spreadsheet with the email address “” and there is already someone in your ClientLook database with that email address, then we skip that row of your spreadsheet entirely and move to the next row. This prevents you from creating a duplicate record for Bob.

However, you might be importing a contact list that contains some people who are already in your database for a reason. For example, maybe you have a list of retail tenants in your market. Some of those people are already in ClientLook, but you want to be able to identify all of them, including the existing people, as “Retail Tenants.” We can help you do that by creating two different groups.

How To Import Contacts Into ClientLook CRM

In the photo above, you will see two groups. “Contact import 2” and “Contact import 2 – new records only.” We automatically assign these names in numeric order, so you can tell different imports apart. The names can always be changed later.

For simplicity, suppose that you are importing 10 retailers, but 3 of them are already in your ClientLook database. The group called “contact import 2” will contain all 10 contacts. This includes the 3 records that were already in ClientLook and the 7 new records that you just imported. This way, you can rename this import to “Retail Tenants” and it will contain all of the tenants, regardless of whether they were previously in ClientLook or not. The existing records were not modified in any way – they were simply added to this group.

How To Import Contacts Into ClientLook CRM_2The second group, “Contact import 2 – new records only”, will only contain the 7 new records that we just created for you. This way, if you realize after the import is done that you made a mistake – perhaps you mapped the FAX number to the mobile phone field – you can delete those newly created records without affecting the other 3 existing records in your database.

How To Import Contacts Into ClientLook CRM_3To change the name of one of these groups, simply click on your name in the upper right corner of any ClientLook page and select “Setup.” Click on the “Groups” tab, then select the module desired. In this case, it would be “Contacts.”  Click “Edit” next to any group name to change the name or delete the group (but not it’s members) if you no longer need that contact group.

How To Import Contacts Into ClientLook CRM_4

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