How To Give An Impressive CRE Presentation

How To Give An Impressive CRE Presentation

How To Give An Impressive CRE Presentation

As a commercial real estate professional, keeping your pipeline full of work means having to master the art of client presentations. While some people naturally thrive in this area, others are not as excited about putting together a presentation and pitching themselves to potential clients. If you fall in the latter group, here are six tips to help you give an impressive CRE presentation.

Be Prepared

This sounds like a no-brainer but take some time to do your homework before the presentation. Know who you will be meeting with, their roles, and a history of the company. Are they a new or established business? How many other properties do they have? Why are they looking to lease or purchase a new property? Understanding who you’re talking to and what their current position is, will help you tailor the presentation to meet their precise needs. Plus, the clients will take notice of a CRE broker who genuinely cares about their company.

Use Visual Aids

Some people find it helpful to create a PowerPoint (or similar) presentation. This can be a good way to visually get their attention and illustrate a point that you’re trying to make. However, you want to keep your visual aids as simple as possible. Use short bullet points that relate to the points you’re making and use a large photo on each slide if needed. Avoid too much text and cluttering the slides with too many images or logos. Remember that your visual aids should reinforce your message, not be a distraction to your audience.

Practice, Practice, Practice

Be aware of how much time you have for your presentation, and then practice making sure you can stick to it. The more you practice your CRE presentation, the more prepared and relaxed you will feel going into it. If possible, ask your teammates or friend to listen to your presentation and give you their honest feedback. Do you sound confident? Does everything you’re saying make sense? Is anything confusing or not accurate? Is there anything that you can do to improve? Take this constructive criticism to further improve your presentation, and then practice it again.

Show Your Passion

People want to work with people that they feel comfortable with. Show your personality in your presentation, as well as your passion and excitement for the work. A lot of times, clients will hire the CRE broker who is the most eager to help them – not necessarily the most qualified. You can also use a bit of humor to help put the clients at ease and make them feel more relaxed. Remember that your body language also sends an important message, so make eye contact, stand up straight, and look confident yet approachable.

Differentiate Yourself

With so many commercial real estate brokers competing for the same clients, it’s important that you differentiate yourself. While your personality and expertise will play a large role here, so will the processes and systems that you have in place to service your clients better than the competition. With ClientLook CRM you have a team – literally a dozen people – who are standing by to help you. Our team of back-office assistants are experts in our commercial real estate software, and they understand your business. Allow them to keep your CRM up to date; input new contact information; schedule follow up tasks; and help you accomplish more. Plus, your clients will be thrilled to know that they can access their property data at any time with ClientLook. You choose what information you want them to see, and this allows them to self-service their desire for updates on their property. If you’re client prefers a traditional report, we have that handled for you as well. Learn more about our client collaboration features here.

Finish Strong

Close your presentation with a solid ending. Conclude an important story; tell the clients exactly how you plan to help them; and let them know what they next steps would be if they choose to move forward with you. After the presentation, send a quick email to everyone who was in the room to thank them for their time and ask them if they have any follow-up questions.

The more you do client presentations, the more prepared you will feel. As a CRE professional, it’s a part of your job and a great way to keep work flowing in. Above all, remember that you are there to serve your clients and their needs should always be your top priority. If you can make that clear, you’ll be on your way to having a killer CRE presentation.

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