How To Get Started With ClientLook CRM

How To Get Started With ClientLook CRM

How To Get Started With ClientLook CRM

So you just signed up for ClientLook commercial real estate software – congratulations! Now, how do you get started? Here are the first things you should do to get off to a great start:

Import Your Existing Contacts

Chances are that you have a list of contacts somewhere. Whether they are in an older desktop contact manager, in your mobile phone, in Outlook or Apple Mail, or even on a spreadsheet, we can help you get those existing contacts imported into ClientLook. Simply send an email to or give us a call at 888-552-5665, Ext 2 to get the party started!

Download Our Mobile App

We have both iOS/iPhone and Android apps available. They are the absolute best way to keep yourself organized when you are out of the office.

Engage with Your Success Manager

Your Success Manager is your personal point of contact – your ClientLook trainer, coach and support resource. When you sign up for ClientLook, we will appoint a Success Manager for you who is best suited to your specialty and experience level. The first step is usually to do a personal training session customized to your needs. After initial training, feel free to contact your Success Manager any time you need to learn about advanced features, have technical questions or guidance on making the most of your CRM.

Watch A Video or Two

We have over 50 videos in our online library. You’ll find everything from system overviews by our Founder, Michael Griffin, to short clips covering individual features. Grab a coffee, pull up a chair and immerse yourself in our world.

Visit The Blog

We are constantly updating our blog with valuable tips and step-by-step tutorials. Here are a few favorites to get started with:

Explore Our Success Services

We offer tons of success services designed to help you make the most of your time and get the most benefit from our CRM. From data cleanup services to tenant research and everything in between, you’re sure to find something that we can help you with.

ClientLook is designed to be simple and easy to use; however we’re easy to get ahold of if you have any questions. This post will detail all the ways you can reach out to us.

Not a ClientLook subscriber yet? Schedule a demo today to see how we can help you transform your commercial real estate business.

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