How To Export Contacts From LinkedIn

how to export contacts from linkedin

How To Export Contacts From LinkedIn

Unless you are stuck in 1999, there’s a good chance that you use LinkedIn. Many ClientLook users have asked us how to get their LinkedIn contacts into their ClientLook CRM contact list. Fortunately, it’s incredibly easy.

Step 1 – Exporting contacts from LinkedIn

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  • LinkedIn makes it simple to export your contacts. Make sure you’re logged in to your LinkedIn account, then go to their contact export page. You can choose from several export file format options. For most purposes, a CSV file (which almost any spreadsheet program like Excel can read) will suffice. Just choose the “Microsoft Outlook CSV” option. This will create a CSV file in a few seconds. Save it somewhere on your computer where you can find it.

    That’s it – you have successfully exported your LinkedIn contacts. (I told you it was easy).

Step 2 – Importing your contacts to ClientLook

  • If you thought exporting your contacts from LinkedIn was painless, importing them to ClientLook is even easier. Just send them to us! Simply email the CSV file you downloaded from LinkedIn to “” and we’ll get your contacts imported for you.

    Now that’s as easy as it gets – and one of the many things that makes ClientLook CRM the easiest-to-use commercial real estate CRM software on earth.

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