How To Disconnect A Contact From A Company

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How To Disconnect A Contact From A Company

You asked, we listened! One of the most frequent requests we received was to make it easier to disconnect a contact from the company they are related to. For one reason or another, the contact-to-company relationship has been severed. With our new Winter 2018 Release, it’s now easier than ever to do in our commercial real estate CRM software.

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Meet Alex Miller. He’s the Vice President of Acquisitions for Champion Partners – or rather, he was until yesterday. Now he’s on his own and hasn’t landed at another company yet. You want to disconnect him from the Champion Partners record, but maintain his other details and all of your associated updates. It’s easy.

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Simply edit Alex’s record, using the “Edit this contact” link on the “Overview” tab.

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Click “Remove” next to the company name while editing Alex’s record.  The name will disappear from the box instantly. Edit anything else you care to while you’re here, such as his title, then click “Save this contact” at the bottom of the page.

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Viola! Alex is now free as a bird, and your CRM database is up to date. Later, should you need to relate Alex to the great new company he starts, just edit him again and add the new company name. We’ll create the company record for you and link Alex to it. Yes, it really is that easy!

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