How To Customize Your ClientLook Start Page

Customize Your ClientLook CRM Start Page

How To Customize Your ClientLook Start Page

Did you know that you can choose which page appears first when you login to our commercial real estate software?

When you initially login to ClientLook CRM you’ll see the “Contacts” module and a list of the 25 contact records you have interacted with most recently. This is a great option for your “Start page” but it’s not the only one available.

Perhaps you would prefer to start with Scoop, a sort of private social network for your team. Here you’ll find a real-time feed of updates for your contacts, companies and projects. This includes updates entered by you or any team members in a shared account. It’s a great place to start for many people.

You can choose to have the contacts, companies, activities, deals, properties, listings or marketing module to appear at startup.

To change your start page, simply click the “Setup” link at the top right corner of any ClientLook page.

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Then select the “Preferences” tab.

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Look for the “Startup page” setting to make your choice. This tab also allows you to choose the sharing defaults for new items you add to ClientLook. We’ll cover that topic in another post.

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Be sure to click the “Save” button at the bottom to save this and other changes you may have made on this page.

Customize Your ClientLook CRM Start Page_4See our CRM training videos for over 50 short tutorials that will walk you through all the features of ClientLook. Plus, if you ever need personal help, just contact our support staff – we’re here to help you succeed!

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