How To Boost Your Commercial Real Estate Business In 2020

How To Boost Your Commercial Real Estate Business In 2020

ClientLook President and CEO, Michael Griffin, recently hosted a live webinar to give viewers a preview of our upcoming new email marketing features. This webinar was our largest in company history, and was attended by commercial real estate professionals who are looking for a better way to organize their businesses and boost their efficiency.

ClientLook CRM is proud to be the only all-in-one CRM made specifically for the commercial real estate industry. It was built for your business. We understand what matters the most to you, and how to make your day to day tasks run smoothly. Our team speaks your language, and we use the same CRE lingo. In a nutshell, this is the CRM for you if you’re looking for a dedicated solution that’s set up and ready to go – no complicated training required.

If you missed the live webinar, now’s your chance to get caught up. See how ClientLook can boost your commercial real estate business in 2020 with the following key sections:

  • (0:00) Introduction
  • (5:36) Contact Management
  • (13:30) Activity Management
  • (16:38) Property Tracking
  • (22:00) Listing Management
  • (24:40) Managing Deals
  • (28:38) Comp Tracking
  • (32:08) Campaign Connect – upgrade preview
  • (43:40) Next Steps

If you’re not a current ClientLook CRM subscriber, schedule a demo today to see how our commercial real estate software can help you make 2020 your best year yet. Now is the perfect time to get up and running.

Already a ClientLook subscriber? Request a free Success Audit to make sure you’re getting the most out of our features.

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