How To Add Data Columns To The List View When Searching

Add Columns in ClientLook CRM

How To Add Data Columns To The List View When Searching

ClientLook subscribers frequently ask how they can add specific data columns to the main list view in any module in our commercial real estate software. For example, if you are doing a search for tenants in a specific size range with leases that expire in the next 12 months, and you want to see the “Occupied SF” and “Lease Expiration Date” fields on the list when your search is complete. This is easy to do any time you do a search.

This article picks up where our previous article on advanced search left off. If you haven’t read that post yet, it’s OK – go check it out first and come back, we’ll wait for you!

Once you have filled out your search criteria, instead of clicking the “Search” button like you normally would, click the “Choose columns” button next to it.

How To Add Data Columns_1

This will display a screen that allows you to choose additional columns to display on the search results list. On the right side, you will see all of the columns that make up the default list. On the left side, you will see additional fields that you can add to this display.

How To Add Data Column_2

Simply click on any field name on the left side and then click the right arrow to move it to the list of displayed columns on the right.

How To Add Data Columns_3

Repeat until all the additional fields you want appear on the list on the right, then click the “Search” button.

How To Add Data Columns_4

Your search will commence and the results will display on a grid like always. But look – the new columns you selected will appear on the right hand side! You may need to scroll over to see them depending on how many columns you added.

How To Add Data Columns_5

In this example I’m searching contacts – but the same thing works if you are searching any other module (properties, deals, etc). These columns will remain there for the duration of this search, and then return to normal. If you haven’t read the article about moving around while remaining in your search results, check that one out as well.

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