How CRE Professionals Can Embrace The Holiday Slow Down

How CRE Professionals Can Embrace The Holiday Slow Down

How CRE Professionals Can Embrace The Holiday Slow Down

Happy Holidays! Many commercial real estate brokers report that their schedule slows down a bit during Christmas week and New Years week. Since many of your clients may be traveling, or taking time off themselves, your meetings and property tours typically come to a stand still during the holidays. So, you may be wondering if you should take some time off as well or enjoy the quiet time in the office to get caught up. Research shows that using this slower time of the year can have a positive impact on your business; here’s how:

Enjoy The Quiet Time

With all the hustle that goes on the rest of the year, it will be nice to enjoy a quiet office so you can focus on your own tasks. This undisturbed time can be used for organizing your 2018 financial data, setting your goals for 2019, and planning your marketing strategy for the new year. Now is the perfect time to focus on your business; get organized and put the necessary systems in place so you can hit the ground running in 2019.

Get Caught Up

We all have those tasks that need to get done, yet they aren’t high priority, so they always get pushed to the back burner. Of course, your clients and deals are your main priority, but the holiday slow down may be the perfect time to get caught up on those office and administrative tasks that you’ve been pushing off. Wouldn’t it feel great to finally check those things off your to-do list so you can start off 2019 with a clean slate? It’s much better to come back to the office in January to an organized space rather than having to play catch up and tie up loose ends from the previous month.

Organize Your CRM

A well-organized commercial real estate CRM is an essential part of your business. Take advantage of the slow week to make sure that all of your contacts, properties, and deals are entered into your CRM and that there are no duplicate entries. You can also spend a little extra time adding important dates for 2019, such as conferences, networking events, and client birthdays.

Develop Your Marketing Strategy

If you’re feeling ambitious, now is the perfect time to put together your personal marketing strategy for 2019. Are you going to utilize social media, a blog, email newsletters, or other marketing techniques? If so, make a plan and put it on your calendar. For example, decide how often you are going to send out an email newsletter – every two weeks, once a month, or quarterly – and put those dates in your calendar. Getting ahead of the curve now, and setting clear and precise marketing goals, will help you save time and be more efficient in 2019.

With these tips, you will surely be able to enjoy the slower pace, the opportunity to dress more casually in the office, and the extra time to focus on organizing your commercial real estate business.

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