How CRE Brokers Can Benefit From Virtual Meetings

How CRE Brokers Can Benefit From Virtual Meetings

How CRE Brokers Can Benefit From Virtual Meetings

The way we live and work has drastically changed over the past eight months. As a commercial real estate professional, your days used to consist of face to face client meetings and property tours. Now, those in person events are no longer happening or have been modified. Don’t let your business suffer, instead learn how CRE brokers can benefit from virtual meetings.

Embrace Technology

More than ever, it’s important to embrace technology in your commercial real estate business. Those who have been slower to adapt to changes have been forced into it virtually overnight – but sometimes that push can be a good thing. Technology allows you to run your business from anywhere. It gives you freedom and flexibility, and you can even boost your productivity with all the time you can save. Sign up for Zoom and download the app on your smart phone so you can have a client meeting anytime, anywhere.

From In Person To Virtual

Think about what your daily schedule looked like prior to COVID. I’m guessing your days included work time in the office, team meetings in the conference room, client meetings on location, and commercial property tours around town. While offices may be closed, and in person meetings are limited, you can pivot your daily schedule to include everything that it used to – virtually. Host team meetings with Zoom, connect with your clients “face to face” virtually, and even conduct on-location property tours with Zoom or Facetime.

Stay Connected

Virtual meetings give CRE brokers a chance to stay connected. It’s easier to connect with people when you see them face to face – even if it is through a screen. While emails and phone calls are also a great way to connect, they don’t give you the full experience that virtual meetings do. With a Zoom call, you can see the person’s reactions and emotions so you can better react to the conversation. Is your team member frustrated? Sometimes that doesn’t come through via an email, but you can see it on the person’s face. Is your client feeling overwhelmed? You can better sense these emotions when you’re meeting when them virtually. As a CRE broker, your goal is to add value and find solutions for your clients. Speaking with them virtually is the next best option to meeting in person – so don’t minimize the value of a virtual meeting.

Be Camera Ready

While there are tremendous benefits to virtual meetings for your CRE business, you need to take a little time to be prepared. If you’re working from home, make sure you’re in a quiet location with a professional background. You don’t need to have a fancy home office, but the setting should still look neat and tidy. When it comes to your personal appearance, we are all dressing more casual while working from home, but you still want to look put together. Put on a nice shirt, brush your hair, and go for a “business casual” look.

Utilize A CRM Software

When it comes to staying organized, a commercial real estate CRM software is a must-have. Not only can you keep track of your contacts, properties, and deals, but you can also schedule activities and follow-up tasks. Use this great feature to schedule follow ups via virtual meetings so you stay connect with your contacts. Then, make a few quick notes about what you discussed so you can reference them in the future.

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