Helping Baby Boomers Adapt to a New CRM System

help baby boomers with crm

Helping Baby Boomers Adapt to a New CRM System

It’s no secret that millennials are more likely to use technology to help them in their day-to-day job activities. It’s also no secret that some of the older generation has a reluctance to using new technology. They have enjoyed success just fine before the invention of mobile apps or cloud technology, after all.

While good commercial real estate software (like a CRM) can greatly improve your company’s productivity and organizational skills, it’s only as effective as the team using it. If you have brokers who won’t get onboard with your CRM, it can inhibit the performance of your group as a whole.

Here are some ways that you can help the baby boomer generation, as well as people who are averse to technology, use your new CRM system:

1. Explain the benefits of using a CRM

Let them know that using a CRM can greatly improve their productivity and organizational skills. Explain that using a CRM doesn’t mean that a program does their job for them. Instead, it helps them work at a quicker rate, which helps the company as a whole.

2. Focus on the convenience that comes with your CRM

Explain that using a CRM isn’t just good business, it also ensures that we’re prepared for everything that comes our way. Remember, the busy nature of commercial real estate means that you could have to drop everything at a moment’s notice to meet with a client. Before the days of cloud technology, that meant we had to stop by the office and collect all necessary information before every meeting. Thanks to the cloud, we now have access to all of our content in one easy-to-use location.

3. Make use of your virtual assistant

Learning how to efficiently use a CRM can be intimidating if you’re someone who hasn’t historically used apps and software in the office. Fortunately, some select CRM platforms offer a Virtual Assistant service to care of the less enjoyable tasks like data entry and organizing information.

The Virtual Assistant is an excellent feature for baby boomers and people who aren’t as comfortable with computer software. Since the assistant does some of the work for you, baby boomers can spend less time learning how to navigate the platform and get back to doing fieldwork.

4. Provide ample support

The most important step to getting baby boomers to adopt your CRM platform is creating support. Regardless of how easy the CRM platform is to learn, new users should always be given a walkthrough, regardless of their age. This will help make them more comfortable with the CRM while they learn how to use it effectively. Presentations and one-on-one demonstrations are a great way to educate your team, in addition to live support that can assist them with any of their problems

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