Great CRE CRM Debate Experience

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Great CRE CRM Debate Experience

I had the privilege of showcasing ClientLook CRM in the Massimo Group’s recent Great CRE CRM Debate webinar. The webinar was a fast paced overview of the top commercial real estate CRM solutions available today. I had an amazing experience, and I learned just as much as any of the attendees. Here are some of my observations.

Ten minutes is really short

Rod Santomassimo did a great job of organizing and promoting this event. He also set the ground rules, which allowed me just ten minutes to provide a ClientLook overview. Wow, is that quick. I took the preparation seriously though and crafted a targeted message. It took me a lot longer to create a short presentation compared to a longer one. I was forced to be concise. It was a wonderful exercise that I’d suggest everyone do to hone their messaging.

Below is my ClientLook CRM presentation from the Great CRE CRM Debate.

Ease of use is a big deal

Complexity and adoption are inversely related. There’s no debate about this. There were lots of questions about training and support. People were really concerned about implementation. This reinforced to me the incredible importance of measuring success by the level of adoption. Without adoption there is no success. Keep things simple and solve your CRM objectives with the most intuitive solution possible. Nobody spends time training any more.

Everyone wants to sync

The attendees’ questions suggested that syncing to a mobile device was critical. That’s no surprise as commercial real estate professionals spend the majority of their time in the field. People wanted to use their native calendar and address book on their phone and tablet, but want that data to seamlessly sync to their CRM. Add a contact to your CRM and it syncs to your phone. Add a meeting on your phone and it syncs to your CRM. This is a no-brainer.

People need private data

Data privacy came up several times. My conclusion was that people need to be able to privatize everything, but it has to be easy. At ClientLook we call this data sharing. Even a shared contact could have private notes or activities. The sharing features had to be super simple so that it could be easy enabled on the fly. Nobody has any threshold for complexity.

CRM is not worth your time

Yep, I actually said this during the webinar. It’s my belief that the activity required to keep your CRM humming is not worth your time for a variety of reasons. Adding contacts, logging updates and scheduling follow-ups are critical to your success. However, they’re below the pay grade of most commercial real estate professionals. What do you do? Outsource your CRM. I described how ClientLook is built around a Virtual Assistant team that does exactly that. Focus on deal making and leave the busy work to someone else. If you’re not using ClientLook then you’re working too hard.

The CRM you don’t have to use

We commonly hear that “The best CRM is the one you use.” My revelation during the webinar was that this may be outdated. The modern adaption is “The best CRM is the one you don’t have to use.” That’s because you’re using a Virtual Assistant team or your own in-house group to build your CRM while you’re making deals. You get all the benefits of a cloud-based CRM without doing it all yourself.

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