Great CRE CRM Debate

Great CRE CRM Debate

The Great CRE CRM Debate

Rod Santomassimo and the crew at The Massimo Group hosted the Great CRE CRM Debate – Round 2. They assembled a huge audience of commercial real estate professionals eager to hear about CRMs. It was awesome. I was one of a handful of virtual speakers tasked with delivering a product overview in about ten minutes. That’s tough to do. I had a great time presenting the ClientLook commercial real estate CRM. Check out the video above to watch my presentation.

Major CRM Takeaways

We put a lot of preparation into this presentation. As you’ll see from the video, my main points were:

  • 50% of CRMs fail.
  • The #1 reason for CRM failure is “too much time required for data entry.”
  • ClientLook users minimize data entry by relying on a team of Virtual Assistants.
  • If you’re a company with low CRM adoption then you need to switch – now.
  • ClientLook has a 98% renewal rate.
  • CRM users want to maintain a property database, but the data gets stale.
  • Exclusive Xceligent integration prevents stale data with real-time research updates.
  • Users spend too much time compiling deal activity reports.
  • ClientLook is built to organize deal-related data and allow real-time client collaboration.
  • The new online CRM cost analyzer calculates your “real” cost of using a CRM.
  • Access to the ClientLook Virtual Assistant team is included free to new subscribers.

New CRM Cost Analyzer

During my presentation I introduced a new analysis tool for helping companies understand the “real” cost of using a CRM. The big difference with this analysis is that it takes into account the value of your time. You’re asked to input a personal revenue goal, which is then used to provide lots of useful insight.

The problem is that some CRMs can take a lot of time to maintain. Different CRMs require different amounts of time. Understanding how much time your CRM requires helps determine the personal investment it really requires. The big goal is to spend as much time as possible on deal-making and not data entry. Check out the analysis below.

Try the cost analyzer
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