Google Apps Secrets for Commercial Real Estate

Google Apps secrets for commercial real estate

What’s all the hype about Google Apps? Is this something for you? In this 30 minute technology presentation by Michael Griffin you’ll learn everything you need to know about leveraging the online business tools in Google Apps.

See real-life examples of using Google’s cloud-based file sharing, corporate email, mobile device syncing and more. You’ll even see some of the latest innovations for syncing contacts and activities with your phone or tablet, as well as examples using ClientLook’s commercial real estate CRM software.

Features of this presentation include:

  1. How to create a virtual office
  2. Mobile access to files
  3. Google features to use and features to avoid
  4. Wireless syncing for your contacts and calendar
  5. Tips for moving your business to the cloud

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Michael Griffin

Michael Griffin - ClientLook, Founder

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