Get the Most Out of Your CRM: 4 Quick Tips

quick tips for crm success

Get the Most Out of Your CRM: 4 Quick Tips

If you’ve added a CRM system to your growing company, then you’re already aware of how CRMs can improve your commercial real estate business. As you start 2017, you probably have hopes of growing your business or increasing the number of deals closed from the previous year. A good CRM system can help you do this without feeling the pressure, stress, and growing pains that come with a growing business.

Your company should be using a CRM system that is functional and easy to understand. Choosing a platform designed specifically for the CRE industry gives you a system that’s easier to learn and is tailored to your specific needs. Here are four ways to effectively use your CRM to help you boost performance in the new year:

Integrate with Your Other Apps and Programs

You want to choose a CRM that can communicate with other industry-related programs and share information across a number of different platforms. Many commercial real estate professionals use property research tools like Xceligent, RPR and CommercialSearch, in addition to marketing and communication applications like MailChimp and Buildout. A CRM system that connects to all of these platforms allows you to access all of your information in one convenient location, greatly increasing your productivity and efficiency.

Track Relevant Information

One of the best ways that you can utilize your CRM is to pair it with an industry-specific analytics tool like TheAnalyst® PRO. You have the power of analyzing risks, investments, and leases. This conveniently gives you access to all of the information needed to formulate a more successful business strategy for your clients.

Become More Organized

If you haven’t taken advantage of your CRM’s ability to organize contacts then you’re not utilizing its full potential. The ability to organize your contacts between tenants, owners, prospects and more will help you work much more efficiently. Be detailed with the information that you input for each connection you have. Adding information like company names, lead sources, and contractual information can greatly help you improve the CRM’s search feature. This also enables you to search your contacts based on a number of parameters.

Get All Team Members on Your CRM

Maximizing your CRM’s efficiency and productivity means that all of your team needs to be using it to input their information. Your CRM should be acting as a centralized location for all of your company-related data, schedules, and contacts. Team members that aren’t using your CRM platform properly are either confused or intimidated by it.

Introduce training programs and videos that are designed to help your team get better acquainted with their CRM system. This will promote more CRM usage in the office, allowing everyone to access information quicker and easier.

Pick a CRM That Enables You to Work Smarter

A CRM platform that doesn’t share information with its network of users will not be an effective tool in the CRE industry. ClientLook utilizes cloud-based technology to ensure that all members have access to the same information from their desktop or mobile devices. In the field of commercial real estate having full access to contacts and industry-related information at all times can make the difference between closing or losing a deal.

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