Get Started With Our Commercial Real Estate CRM

Get Started With Our Commercial Real Estate CRM

Get Started With Our Commercial Real Estate CRM

Welcome to ClientLook! Our commercial real estate CRM software is easy to use and user-friendly, but we’ve put together a few tips to help you get started on the right foot. After you sign up for ClientLook, hit the ground running with these simple steps:

Import Your Data

Your commercial real estate CRM is only as good as the data you put into it. Put good information in, and you’ll get good information out of it. You’ll want to import your contacts immediately, as well as properties and deals. Whether these lists are currently located on a spreadsheet, in Outlook, or in an older desktop manager, the import process is easy. Our team is here to help you get started. Simply send an email to or give us a call at 888-552-5665, Ext 2 if you need assistance with importing your data.

Download The Mobile App

There’s no need to be tied to a computer in the office anymore. When you’re running your business on the go, simply use the ClientLook mobile app to have instant access to all of your data in the palm of your hand. Learn more about our mobile app and download it today.

Use The Back Office Assistant

Did you know that we have a team of back office assistants who are ClientLook experts? This team of real estate assistants, known internally as the Virtual Assistant (VA) team, is one of the many things that truly sets ClientLook apart. No other CRM has a dedicated team of back office real estate assistants standing by to help you enter data into your account. This allows you to spend more of your time closing deals and less time doing data entry. Maximize your efficiency today!

Schedule Tasks

One of the great features in our CRM is the ability to schedule tasks and follow-ups. By doing this, you allow these reminder to run on auto-pilot so each day you simply reference your list of people to reach out to. For example, let’s say you reached out to a potential client who asked you to follow up with him next month. At that time, you can schedule the follow up for the specific date and you’ll be reminded then. No more sticky notes sitting on your desk or losing deals due to not reaching back out. Let our CRM handle those reminders for you.

Set Up Mailchimp

Our commercial real estate CRM integrates with Mailchimp to make your marketing efforts seamless. This integration makes it easy to manage distribution lists, send emails and identify prospects. It provides everything you need to maximize your marketing effectiveness and accelerate deal making. Check out this step-by-step post to start using this powerful integration today.

Check Out Our Videos and Blog Posts

We are continually adding new blog posts and videos to the website. Check out the videos for recent webinars presented by Michael Griffin, as well as quick tutorials on individual features. We update the blog constantly to bring you ClientLook tips, as well as other useful commercial real estate posts. Check out these top 10 ClientLook related posts.

Schedule A Success Audit

Schedule a free Success Audit and let our team of professionals help you map out a personal CRM game plan. In just 15 minutes, we’ll put together a plan to help you use ClientLook the way it will work best for your individual business goals.

Explore Our Success Services

We offer several success services designed to help you make the most of your time and get the most benefit from our CRM. From data cleanup services to tenant research and everything in between, you’re sure to find something that we can help you with.

ClientLook is designed to be simple and easy to use; however we’re easy to get ahold of if you have any questions. This post will detail all the ways you can reach out to us.

Not a ClientLook subscriber yet? Schedule a demo today to see how we can help you take your commercial real estate business to the next level.

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