Get the Scoop on your CRM!

Get the Scoop on your CRM

You may have noticed “Scoop” when you open up ClientLook, but are you aware of all the great things it can do? Scoop serves several purposes, all designed to help you get the most from your commercial real estate database.

Scoop tracks everything you (and your team, if you share a database) does in ClientLook, and presents it all to you in one place. Everyone sees something different in Scoop, much like everyone sees something unique when they log in to Facebook. You see only what you have access to and nothing more.
As a personal work journal, Scoop helps remind you of things you have done and things you may have forgotten. I look through Scoop once or twice a day, and frequently find a note I took on a client’s record the day before that reminds me I need to call them and follow up, or jogs a memory of another client I should call.

If you are on a team, Scoop serves as your team bulletin board and a great way to aid team collaboration. Did John on your team just take a call from a tenant looking for space that would be a great match for your new listing? Did your team assistant just speak with a client who you should follow up with? Do you need to post a link to an interesting article about a prospect? Here at ClientLook, we find Scoop invaluable. We don’t always have time to send emails back and forth all day or be personally involved in each phone call, but everything is documented in Scoop. It’s one of the things I review each afternoon before leaving for the day. No other commercial real estate CRM database makes it this easy to see all new activity in one place without having to look through individual client files.

And of course, anything personal can be marked private (shared as “Just me”) or shared only with a certain team, so that no one else sees confidential information in Scoop except those it was intended for.

Lastly, be sure to check the left hand notification section in Scoop frequently. It’s where we will place links to upcoming ClientLook training classes, notices of new upgrades, and anything else we think you’ll be interested in.

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