How To Find Anything In Our Commercial Real Estate CRM

How To Find Anything In Our Commercial Real Estate CRM

Scoop is the place where you will find all the updates you and your team have ever entered into any module within our commercial real estate CRM. What many people don’t realize is that it’s also the best place to quickly search for any word or phrase in those updates to quickly find anything you’re looking for.

Get The Scoop

Start by clicking on “Scoop” from the main ClientLook menu. This pulls up all the entries you have made personally, 25 per page, going back to your first day using ClientLook.

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Filter The Results

The filter allows you to choose a team member, category, date range and an optional word or phrase you would like to find. You can also choose to see only those entries with file attachments.

If you share your account with other people, you can find entries shared with you by any team member.

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You can also choose to see only entries tagged with a specific category.  These categories are customizable in the “Setup” module.

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You can select a date range to narrow your search further or simply choose “All dates” to search your entire archive of data.

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Finally, you can search for any random bit of information contained in any update by specifying a word or phrase to search for.

This is really handy if you remember something about a conversation, but can’t recall exactly who you were speaking with. Say you spoke with someone about a property that would be perfect for a storage facility, but no matter how hard you try, you can’t remember their name or where they were from. You do remember however that he mentioned breeding German Shepherds.  Simply search Scoop for “german shepherd”, and you’ll find that conversation almost instantly.

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Takes Notes

The key to any good commercial real estate CRM is jotting down everything you know, and then being able to find it again when you need it. The Scoop feature within ClientLook CRM makes this incredibly easy. If you’re not a current subscriber, schedule a demo today to see how ClientLook can help you organize your CRE business.

Already a ClientLook subscriber? Request a free Success Audit to make sure you’re getting the most out of our features.

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