Your Virtual Listing Secretary

  • Listing management made easy

    You can use ClientLook to manage all your listings and even syndicate them online. Use the VA to handle all your listing updates like changes in available space, pricing and more.

    Just leave a voicemail or send an email to the VA team with listing changes. It’s easy and so efficient. It’s like having your own personal listing secretary.

  • virtual assistant for crm

  • Hello this is Michael Griffin and I just met with my owner Stephen Patrick. Log an update related to our meeting and change the price of my listing at 500 Main Street to $2.3 million.

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  • The 30 second listing update

    Let’s say you just left your client’s office, and they want to reduce the price of their property. You’re just a phone call away from making that change in ClientLook using the VA team.Virtual Assistant response:
    Your message is received by a VA team member, and within minutes everything is completed. You’ll receive an email notification when the work is done. If your listing is being syndicated online then those changes will make their way to the connected services.