Online lead capture
with the Back Office Assistants

  • Standing by to process leads…

    Our exclusive Virtual Assistant team is standing by to turn your leads into manually scrubbed opportunities in ClientLook. It’s the easiest way to stay on top of online inquiries and accelerate deal making.
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  • track online leads

  • Send online leads to ClientLook

    Your leads could come from anywhere. Typically they start from a web form. You get an email with the detail of the inquiry.

    Configure your website to send those leads to the VA team for processing, or just forward them manually. First, they’ll make sure it’s not a duplicate. Then, they’ll scrub it for misspellings, grammar and capitalization. Once its clean, then the lead is entered into ClientLook including any message or comments from the sender.

    You can instruct the VA to perform specific tasks for all new leads. This could include things like automatically scheduling follow-up calls or putting leads into a designated group.

    There’s no easier way to ensure that your leads get handled the right way.