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the Back Office Assistants

virtual assistant for crm

  • You’re probably working too hard

    Imagine having a team of assistants standing by to handle yours hours of weekly CRM data entry. With ClientLook that’s exactly what you get. Our exclusive Virtual Assistant service is included with your subscription to ensure you stay focused on deal making instead of grunt work.
  • Add business cards

    Forget about manually adding business cards. Just snap a photo with your phone and email it to the Virtual Assistant. Your card will be hand-transcribed into your account. Feel free to enter a note on the back such as “Schedule call for next Tuesday” to make sure nothing falls through the cracks.
  • crm contact detail snapshot

  • import contacts

  • Import data

    Turn all those prospect lists into actionable contacts. Send those spreadsheets to the VA. They’ll import them for you. They even do manual data entry using hard-copy lists. Don’t leave any lead behind.

  • Hello this is Michael Griffin and I just met with George Adams. We discussed his offer for my deall at 500 Main Street. We agreed to touch base next week to discuss our next steps. Please schedule a follow-up call with George next Tuesday and put him in my Prospects group.
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  • Dictate updates from the field

    You’re in the field and running between meetings. This is some of the most productive time for ClientLook users. Just call the VA voicemail and dictate updates, schedule tasks and more without taking your hands off the wheel. Nothing ever falls through the cracks.Virtual Assistant response:
    The VA receives your message, listens to it, and within minutes completes everything requested. You’ll receive an email notification when the work is done. Meanwhile, you’re on to your next meeting without slowing down.

Reviews from ClientLook subscribers

“The Virtual Assistant team is a great feature that we utilize every day.” – Allen Buchanan, Lee & Associates

“The Virtual Assistant is a great benefit; I can take a minute to type up an email to the VA with a list of items that I need done and it saves me three hours of work! It’s a huge exchange of value.” – Jon Hammond, KW Commercial

“The Virtual Assistant is one of my favorite features since it saves me so much time! The VA handles all of my data entry so I can focus on my clients and doing deals.” – Brad Fox, NAI

“The Virtual Assistants are an extension of my in-house team. I rely heavily on the ClientLook platform, and the further along I go the more I can’t live without it.” – Eric Bumgarner, Colliers International

“The Virtual Assistant sold me on ClientLook since I don’t have a personal assistant.” – Bill Colangelo, Equity Commercial Real Estate Group