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contact management software

  • ClientLook is real estate contact management software at its core. It was created to help you build better relationships as easily as possible. With a unique approach to workflow and design, there’s no commercial real estate technology tool that’s easier to use.
  • Instant access to every contact detail

    Commercial real estate contact management software is one of the most important technology tools you can get. Building relationships helps your business grow, and ClientLook provides the easiest way to get the job done.

ClientLook contact detail page

  • Relate people to properties

    Create relationships between people and properties. View a comprehensive list of related properties from your contact’s record. It’s one reason why ClientLook’s real estate contact management software is so much better.
  • properties related to a contact

  • segment contact list with groups

  • Segment with groups

    Turn even the most massive database into smaller manageable lists using groups. Segment to enhance marketing, prospecting, forecasting and more.

  • Privatize your data

    Choose exactly how you want to share contacts, properties, updates, emails and more with your co-workers and clients. ClientLook is specially designed to handle the single user, teams and entire organizations.

privatize sharing with teams

  • Just me

    Keep data private to you. Even works within a shared account.

  • Everyone

    Share stuff with everyone in your ClientLook account.

  • Custom team

    Create teams for sharing with a group of users.

  • Client sharing

    Share with your outside clients in virtual war rooms.