Link contacts and properties

  • Developing relationships between contacts and properties is one of the main ways you make money. Relate contacts and properties together in ClientLook using the most flexible, intuitive and customizable system available anywhere.
  • relate contact to property

  • Relate properties to a contact

    Relate contacts to your properties in ClientLook using one or more customizable “relationship types”. Identify owners, tenants, investors, tenants, property managers and more. It’s easy.

  • Relate contacts to a property

    From any property record you can see the complete list of related contacts in ClientLook. It’s easy to relate new contacts and identify them with any customizable relationship type.
  • propety detail - relate contact

  • view related contacts

  • View related contacts

    Pull up any property in ClientLook to see the complete list of contacts you’ve related to this record. See ownership, property representations, tenants and more. You’ll never have stale data again.